Apports Received at ISF Congress

by Lisa Butler
(Originally published in the Summer 2002 ATransC NewsJournal)

We received a wonderful couple of surprises at the International Spiritualist Federation (ISF) congress we just attended.   The surprises were in the form of two apports.

apport2Tom and I made a presentation on EVP/ITC Tuesday evening and had all of the rest of the time to simply enjoy and learn. We attended two classes each day and also had the opportunity to listen to three to four speakers present on various topics each day.

We attended a Physical Mediumship and a Trance class.   We found them very enjoyable and educational, and were even able to see clear evidence of transfiguration taking place with various sitters on that first morning of the Physical Mediumship class.

On Monday afternoon Tom and I were sitting in our second Trance class.   We moved the chairs twice to allow more people to join the circle.   In doing so, we looked at the floor each time to make sure we had collected our water bottles.   After the instructor had led us through a deep meditation for trance, I reached under my chair for my trusted bottle of water.   There on the floor directly under my chair was a small white stick that said “MEDIUM” on it.   The stick is plastic and is the type placed in your steak in restaurants to tell you that it is done the way you requested.

Tom and I were stunned; in fact this is an understatement, as we have never received an apport directly like this.   In addition we even knew the group that used this type of apport as we had received them in mailings of the letter writing experiment conducted by the Society for Research in Rapport and Telekinesis (SORRAT).

As if this was not exciting enough, there was more to come.   On Monday we had attended our morning class and then returned to our room for a break before returning to the cafeteria for lunch.   I was wearing a pair of leather flats that are very light weight.

We made the walk back, went through the cafeteria line and ate our lunch.   Before leaving, I returned to the food line for another glass of tea.   As I walked, I felt an obstruction in my shoe that hurt.   I figured that my hose were twisted causing a lump or that something had gone wrong with the interior of my shoe.   I remember thinking that it would most assuredly give me a blister, so I sat down and slipped off my shoe to see what in the world was causing the pain.   There on the side of the shoe was a little white stick that read “MEDIUM.”

Our excitement turned to shock!

In the Spring 2001 AA-EVP newsletter, we reported on the SORRAT letter writing experiment that we have been participating in for many years.   John Thomas Richards Ph.D. facilitates the experiments.   The entities who perform the Independent Writing (messages are written without using any part of someone’s physical body) are called the Imperator Group.

In the letter writing experiment the entities often include small artifacts (apports) in the envelopes they send to the participants.   These are most often the small sticks that read “MEDIUM.”

It has been over two years since we had received a “medium stick” artifact from the Imperator Group through the mail.   In fact the last letter we received from the entities was unsolicited and read, “Friend Thomas, and others in AA/EVP- A caution to technophiles: Anyone concerned with the future of creative thought should be wary of the near-obsession with technology that is apparent.   While certain benefits to this emphasis on technology cannot be denied, there are serious challenges to creative thought, which is far less amenable to this type of communication, built on thoughtful, reasoned dialogue between our side and yours, and on the primacy of ideas.   We seek to cultivate engaged minds.   We are not Luddites, but slow, wise, gestating, reasoned thought cannot be cut down to a sound-bite.   Postmodernism is …” (here the letter ends.   It is apparent that there was a second page but we never received it).

After receiving this letter from the Imperator Group we felt that they did not find particular favor with our promotion of EVP/ITC.   To be honest at the time we were a little disappointed, as this is the platform that was handed to Tom and I and it has provided a way for us to promote understanding of personal survival.   The Imperator Group is interested in promoting survival and we felt that they would be pleased with anyone doing the same–in any manner.   Perhaps, we took the letter a little too personally.

It is clear that it is the Imperator Group that sent us these two wonderful proofs of survival.   In view of the letter, above, we feel that they did it on the days before our presentation as a form of encouragement.   The presentation went spectacularly well.

The apports were very shocking but so very exciting at the same time.   I hope that we hear more from the Imperator Group.   We will do our part by spending time in a development group as we continue our ITC experiments.

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