An apport object according to June G. Bletzer Ph.D. in the Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary is, “A living or inert thing that appears from the air without or with the will of the medium.   The apport appears spontaneously in the close vicinity of the medium while they are in trance, sleeping or conscious but unaware of the happening.   Apports are noticed as something out of their element and have significance to the finder.”

apport_article2In August, Pastor Lillian Joyce of the Church of Eternal Light in Westville, New Jersey reported that jewelry that she had lost three years before had reappeared.   The jewelry had been left in a hotel room drawer at the Virginia Beach NSAC convention and she was unable to recover the items.   In August she found a strange silver box in her jewelry drawer at home.   In the box were the missing pieces of jewelry.

The Rev. Barbara Thurman found a baggie on her worktable containing a topaz ring and a small metal turtle pin.   The ring was not one that she had ever owned but the stone reminded her of one that she had lost on a playground over 20 years ago.   Topaz is Barbara’s birthstone and the lost stone had been a gift from her parents.   The turtle pin was also not hers.   She said that she had raised turtles around the same time that she had lost the Topaz stone.   Even the baggie that the apports were in was not the type that she uses.   At a table tipping session a spirit communicator confirmed that the items were indeed apports.

From News From NSAC #35, published by the Director of the NSAC Department of Public Relations, Mary Montgomery Clifford .

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