Spiritualism Related Books


In the Beginning God Wanted a Friend: The story of how God made us

by Heather Eikom
ISBN-13: 978-1511523721
Avaiable at Amazon.com

This is a tale of how the human race came to be and where it is going told through the journey of one little spirit named, Humaneris. It brings the subject of God consciousness to the level a child can understand, being profound and simple at the same time.

Paranormal_ValerieParanormal: A New Testament Scholar Looks at the Afterlife

by Valerie A. Abrahamsen
ISBN-13: 978-1605712581
Available at Amazon.com and Northshire.com

The author examines four types of evidence for the survival of the individual soul after death: scientific instruments and techniques, near-death experiences, reputable psychics and mediums, and out-of-body experiences. She shows how this evidence points to common Christian/Western themes, such as the reality of a heavenly realm where we reunite with loved ones, as well as to truths generally dismissed in the West – reincarnation, karma and pre-birth decisions.

Harrison-Conn250Harrison Connections: Tom Harrison’s ‘Desire to communicate’

by Ann Harrison
ISBN-13: 978-1908421111
Avaiable at Amazon.com

From the website: Ann Harrison has given a personal and sincere account of her husband, Tom Harrison’s after-death efforts to communicate with her and with his many friends over the four years since his transition. For forty-three years, Tom enthralled many people with his accounts of his mother’s physical mediumship and was dedicated to helping people understand that we continue living after death and that we can communicate with the departed. There can be no doubt that he is intent on continuing his lifelong work from his new perspective.

zammit_bookA Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife

Victor Zammit
White Crow Books 2013, ISBN-13: 978-1908733221.
Available on Amazon.com or at Whitecrow Books

From Victor’s Friday Afterlife Report: Would you like to have a clear easy to read summary of all the evidence for the afterlife in one book?  Would you like to be able to explain why near-death experiences are NOT the product of a dying brain? Would you like to have overwhelming evidence that some mediums are genuine? Would you like to have evidence that after death communication is real and know how to recognize it? Would you like to know for certain that your loved ones are safe and well in the afterlife?

Our new book contains all this and much more- over 20 different areas of evidence for the afterlife.

BecomingSignificntBecoming Significant: Awakening the Power Within

by Pat Conner
Kindle Edition: Amazon.com

Awakening the Power Within, Volume 1 encourages an assessment of value in the readers’ lives and illustrates the possibilities for changing past behaviors and relationships. With the author’s interpretation and true stories about her life’s limited significance, readers will find themselves reviewing their personal habits and levels of self-worth.

stewart_alexanderAn Extraordinary Journey: The Memoirs of a Physical Medium

by Stewart Alexander
ISBN-13: 978-0955705069
Available at Amazon.com and Saturday Night Press Publications

This autobiographical book details the development over 40 years of England’s most well-known present day physical medium, Stewart Alexander. A very private man, he has devoted his life to the work of helping those who have been bereaved by helping them make physical contact with those loved ones who have passed over. Not content with his own mediumship he has, over many years, looked into the mediumship of past well-known mediums who have been accused of fraudulent acts despite a mountain of genuine evidence for their mediumship and has his observation in these pages. A very readable book.

Tom-Harrison-bookLife After Death

by Tom Harrison
ISBN: 0 9514534 0 8
Available at Amazon.com and Saturday Night Press Publications

The Mediumship of Minnie Harrison. Tom Harrison witnessed over one thousand physical materializations in his family circle during the 1940s and 1950s. These included trumpet and direct voices, apports and full ectoplasmic materializations. Harrison recorded some of his experiences during these sittings in a booklet titled, Visits by Our Friends from the “Other Side.” The book can be found at paperbackswap.com/Life-After-Death-Tom-Harrison/book/0951453416/



by Holly Riley
ISBN: 0615649424
Available at Amazon.com

Published by Peace in Peace out Productions (May 11, 2012) , ISBN-13: 978-0615649429

Holly shares profound information from her near death experience and how she emerged with a clear understanding of how capable we are as humans. Upon healing from an incurable disease, she began exploring the vast power of mind and spirit. Her journey will remind you of who you truly are, beyond the limits or circumstances you face in life. You’ll recognize something very familiar in her words and awaken your own magic.

the_energy_cureThe Energy Cure: Unraveling the Mystery of Hands-On Healing

by Dr. William Bengston
SBN: 1591799112
Available through the NSAC at Bookstore@NSAC.Org or phone 716-595-2000.

Dr. William Bengston presents astonishing evidence that challenges us to totally rethink what we believe about our ability to heal. Drawing on his scientific research, incredible results, and mind-bending questions, Bengston invites us to follow him along his 35-year investigation into the mystery of hands-on healing and to discover a technique that may activate your healing abilities. Part memoir and part instruction, this provocative book explores Bengston’s paradigm-shifting experimental results and why they seem so difficult for some medical practitioners to accept; Image cycling, a unique preparation method for a hands-on-healing treatment, why traditional Western medicine isn’t always best, the value of skepticism, the strengths of energy medicine, and more.  (From: New Consciousness Review, ncreview.com)

afterlife-experimentThe Afterlife Experiments

Tim Coleman, Director
You can order this CD from CD Universe.

Is there life after death? One of the most profound questions any human being can ask. This award-winning documentary provides the most spectacular scientific evidence for life after death ever presented in any documentary. Evidence very few people have seen before. We travel the world to investigate four remarkable experiments… captured on film for the first time. The CD includes four sections:

1: The Scole Experiment
2: The Most Unusual Medium in The World
3: The Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)
4: We Test the Mediumship Of Allison Dubois

Halfway Acrosshalfway_across_the_river the River
Messages of hope from the other side

by Dr. Annette Childs
ISBN-13: 978-0971890220
Avaailable at Amazon.com


This book is a compilation of fascinating stories that detail Dr. Childs’s nearly twenty years of work with the dying. From deathbed visions, to messages sent from beyond the veil these poignant tales peak curiosity and offer a perfect combination of truth and mystery. The author’s story telling ability will cause even the most cynical among us to pause with wonder. The alchemy of her writing is palpable as readers find themselves misty with emotion one moment and dissolving into laughter the next. Indeed, Halfway Across the River achieves a nearly perfect balance between the mundane and the extraordinary; a rare gift to all.


what-if-were-himWhat If We Were Him?

by Dr. Gene Pascucci
ISBN: 9780578028781
Available at Amazon.com

From the website: Dr. Gene Pascucci, a Reno, Nevada, dentist, began his spiritual search at age eight after an “awakening” during his first Holy Communion at his family’s Catholic church. After traumatically gagging on the Communion wafer, young Pascucci said to himself, “THERE IS SOMETHING GOING ON HERE! I have to figure out what is going on. What is this all about? Why does everyone believe all this”

Over the next 47 years, Pascucci explored teachings and experiences that ultimately led him to direct knowledge of the answers to his questions. Now, he shares his deepest personal experiences – of guilt, shame, confusion, seeking, and enlightenment – in his new book, What If We’re Him? The Transformation of Spirituality.

When-its-timeWhen It’s Time to Say Good-bye

by Marti Tote
ISBN-13: 978-1419696701
Available at Amazon.com

“When It’s Time To Say Good-Bye,” is a beautiful story of life, love, perseverance and the will to survive even when all seems hopeless. It will grace you with the understanding and significance of each and every breath we take. It will hopefully give you the courage to take chances as you will be introduced to the beast we all know as death and you will confidently learn to embrace its threat without fear. You will share in the laughter as well as the tears that cascade our lives each and every day. However, the author’s true desire is that once you read her story, you will walk away with a belief. It doesn’t matter what or who you believe in ? just that you believe in something ? anything at all ? so that when it comes time for you, yourselves to have to face the task of saying good-bye, that your passage may be graced with contentment and peace as you all enjoy the journey of life ? and follow that yellow brick road!

Witnessing the Impossiblewitnessing_the_impossible

by Robin Foy
ISBN-13: 978-0956065100
Available at Amazon.com

From the publisher’s website: Witnessing the Impossible traces every session of the ‘Scole Experimental Group’ over the years, from its foundation and the beginning of The Scole Experiment in 1993 to its very sudden and unexpected ending in November 1998. In all, it follows over 1,000 continuous hours of mediumship and objective Physical Phenomena. The book represents the only true and complete eyewitness account of this unique and pioneering experiment, which pushed the boundaries of psychic research further than ever before at that time, consequently changing the face of physical mediumship and its resulting phenomena for all time. An absolute Must for all serious students of Psychic Research, and of immense interest to the whole of mankind.

the_scole_experimentThe Scole Experiment: Scientific Evidence for Life After Death

by Grant & Jane Solomon in association with The Scole Experimental Group.
Available at Amazon.com

The Scole Experiment chronicles the extraordinary results of a five year investigation into life after death. At the beginning of 1993, four psychic researchers embarked on a series of experiments in the Norfolk village of Scole. The subsequent events were so astounding that senior members of the prestigious Society for Psychical Research asked to observe, test, and record what took place.

Those who attended the sessions at Scole came away convinced that discarnate intelligences were making direct contact with them.

The incontrovertible evidence they witnessed, included:

  • Handwriting, symbols, and messages which appeared on factory sealed, unopened photographic film.
  • Objects, lights, and solid beings which materialized before previously skeptical observers.
  • Spirits who communicated instructions for the building of complex instruments and communication devices.
  • Personal information about those present which was revealed to the group by discarnate intelligences.