“Calling Earth” Video

Calling_EarthYou can watch the video on Dan Drasin’s website.

CALLING EARTH (2015-2016 Version – 95 minutes): A documentary about communication with the deceased through modern electronic technology.

Produced, Directed and Edited by Dan Drasin.
Associate Producer, Tim Coleman
Music Courtesy of Mitchell Covington, James Crocker, Harold Moses,and John Rowcroft

FOREWORD • Because the conscious survival of physical death makes no sense in terms of our materialistic (essentially 19th-century) scientific paradigm, Western science is only now beginning to play catch-up in this arena. So please don’t take this documentary as the final word. In another decade or two we may well look back on this type of research as primitive, but for now it’s a start. Just try it on for size and see what you think, keeping in mind that a documentary film can only scratch the surface of any subject. We hope you enjoy it.

Camera: Dan Drasin and Tim Coleman • Special thanks to Leslie Kean and Jolyn O’Hare • Editorial Services: Tim Coleman and Boris Zubov • Interim Narration by Dan Drasin • Dedicated to the memory of Jane Kimbrough • © 2015 by Daniel Drasin • Produced for free, educational viewing only. Unlicensed materials are included under applicable Fair Use provisions.

Energy Spheres?

From the Winter 2001 issue of The Spiritual Scientist published by the Scole Group (properly known as the Spiritual Science Foundation). [The Spiritual Science Foundation is no longer in operation. See The Scole Experiment]

I contacted you about a year ago with ref. to Spheres in photos and also on video, moving freely. I was supposed to send a report to you but due to our findings and conclusions we were disheartened after feeling we were so close to a spiritual experience. I have a good balance between this subject and the conscious life we lead. I am not easily lead, nor naive or of a closed mind. This is what I liked so much about your book and being able to read another account through the SPR (Society for Psychical Research). It was straightforward and balanced and the most refreshing thing I have read on this sort of subject. Exactly what I was looking for at the time. From your suggestion to ask to be linked to the “Universal Harmony” whilst sleeping I have had a great calming effect, some sound sleep and healing. After reading your book and SPR’ s account I decided to try out your practices.

I have worked for a photographic company for twelve years so have a good base for photography. A customer came in with the problem of’ Spheres’ on their photos taken with a new digital camera. That was the start of a three-month project to find the cause. They had the belief that it was the spirit of their baby who had died less than a year old. I was hoping in a way it was, for all concerned. We tried about 6-7 digital cameras, but couldn’t get the Spheres on all of them. What was also strange, was that the spheres appeared to be predominately around women. At first, using their camera, I could not get the effect, but eventually I did after several attempts. I felt that it was a bit like psychometry , as you had to link to the vibration of the object to get the answers.

I then tried in my own home. Again, at first nothing, then eventually some results. Sometimes it seemed the Spheres would appear as a response to something I had said. The female link was also consistent. I could get them around my sister but she could not get them around her husband or me. Also, they only appeared when the flash was used. Why hadn’t anyone else return these cameras with this problem? The Spheres totally ruined the pictures so there would be no point in having a camera.

It progressed to capturing them on video camera. Again it seemed on occasions they reacted to suggestion. When I made the SPR aware of this phenomenon, they said they had received several, similar reports. (Maurice Grosse)

I decided to try and eliminate digital media, as this only started since this was introduced. As the images on digital camcorders, (three different models) were all on night shot using infrared, I set the analogue cameras the same, and had the same results.

Three months passed, and to be honest, we were 100% sure it was not dust or reflections, as we had carried out many experiments to eliminate these, but we were wrong.

Fuji exchanged their still camera, but the new one produced the same result. They found no fault with either camera. We have an in-store mini-lab where I work, and “Spheres” were starting to appear on 35mm films, 99% of these could be explained as moisture or even raindrops. I was becoming agitated because my intuition was telling me that something wasn’t quite right. I trust my intuition but didn’t really want to on this occasion because I thought I had finally found my proof.

The analogue camcorder had a night-light, which would switch on when it detected low light, when it did this, there was an abundance of spheres everywhere. I really knew something was amiss at this point. But the other members of our group wouldn’t believe me. The one photographic rule I had gone along with, was that if a lens was focused on the furthest point nothing within a few inches of the lens would be in focus. I could see when the light was on, small particles of dust swirling around close to the lens. So I patted my sleeve on my sweater, which had been lying in a dusty place, in front of the lens and there were our swirling Spheres.

I repeated this a number of times with the same effect also seeing odd shaped pieces of dust. It made them look as if they were on the other side of the room.

Everyone was so disappointed. I explained that it’s better to find out than to be misled and there are plenty of avenues to explore on this subject. I believe you have to be objective to keep a healthy balance and that all things happen for a reason. At least all this had brought us together to form our group.

Editor’s Note: We would like to thank all those who contacted us with similar experiences findings.

Experiencing the Phenomena of Spiritualism

Tom Butler

One of the hardest concepts to explain about mediumship is how the person should sense the other side. For instance, when we say that “a medium is always a psychic but a psychic is not always a medium,” how do we know which mode we are operating in? Is the information from an etheric communicator—perhaps a loved one—or is it something psychically sensed from the sitter’s life? Do these different sources look different in our mind’s eye?

I do not have a good answer, but perhaps sharing how I experience the phenomena of Spiritualism will provide at least one reference point.

For me, it is all about visualization. Think about it. In guided meditations, we are told to see ourselves in a situation such as on a path or in an elevator. One of the first modalities of healing I learned consisted of the practitioner visualizing “going to” a “laboratory” with an imagined projection screen. (Today, it would likely be a table with a hologram projection above it.) Given information that uniquely identified the person, the practitioner is told to imagine that person on the screen, and then to “scan” each layer of the person’s body—skin, muscles, organs, skeleton—looking for anything that did not seem right. Sometimes, I was able to correctly identify problems such as an old broken leg or a missing lung, which was confirmed by the person guiding the session. (The Silva Method, silvamethod.com)

My wife, Lisa and I attended classes to learn a healing modality known as RoHun. (Delphi University of Spiritual Studies, delphiu.com) The technique involves both energy manipulation and counseling. In this modality, practitioners are told to move their hands above the body of the sitter while trying to sense differences in the subtle energy filed of the body. The idea is to look for areas of “thicker” energy. When an area of thicker energy is found, the practitioner is told to make the thickness dissipate by physically manipulating the energy field as if breaking up a clump of clay. Of course, this is also a mental exercise, but the effect can be objective in that the sitter sometimes has a strong emotional reaction that, with counseling, may also dissipate. The emotional energy is seen to be associated with the subtle energy field of the body.

That brings up a second aspect of working with the phenomena of Spiritualism. While it is about visualization, it is also all about sensing subtle energy. You can think of the energy as the energy of the aura, biofield energy or vitality. It is the energy we work with in the healing portion of our services and the same energy that is being studied in parapsychology as it responds to intentionality. It is clearly a real form of energy and it very easily conforms to imagination. RoHun practitioners are taught to experience irregularities in this energy as a thickening. Other modalities teach to experience these irregularities as a difference in temperature or a difference in color. The difference is real enough, but how it is experienced depends on the practitioner’s expectations.

In Spiritualism, we are taught that healing energy comes from someone in the etheric and that the healer is just a conduit. We are taught that the helper on the other side supplies the energy and directs it as it is needed. Yes, there is a mode of healing in which the healer provides a form of vital energy from his or her body, but that is not what is intended in the service and is not considered to be as beneficial.

When serving the church as a healer, I ask for my etheric friends to use me as a conduit for healing energy, but always believing that one should “pray for help and then go make it happen,” I then imagine energy passing through me and into the sitter. I intentionally feel the flow of energy while visualizing the sitter’s aura changing to gold, white or violet.

Sitters occasionally offer feedback, and sometimes that feedback matches how I sensed the energy was flowing. So while imagining the flow of energy, even to the point of feeling my body vibrate with the energy, I have reason to believe that the imagined effect is not just my imagination. Yes, I am probably imagining the flow of energy in my body, there does appear to be a real effect that is experienced by the sitter.

It does not seem to matter if the practitioner is passing vital energy to the sitter or if it is coming from the etheric. Which is happening appears to depend more on the practitioner’s intention. I intend that the person will receive healing energy as he or she needs, and I intend that my friend on the other side will be part of that circuit. In practical terms, anytime etheric energy is involved, it is being influenced by both my intention and the help of my friends. There is little reason to worry about who is doing what as long as the intention is well visualized.

An interesting footnote to my healing concerns how I visualize the color of the sitter’s aura. I do not see auras as such but must imagine seeing auras. During the session, I begin to intend seeing the sitter’s aura as either very bright white or violet. In my mind’s eye, I see the person on my projection screen glowing with very bright and glorious energy indicating good health, wellbeing and spiritual maturity. Sometimes, no matter how I try to see white, I see some other color. My sense is that the color indicates the inner work being done by the sitter.

How do I know when I am doing all of this myself and when I am acting as a conduit? One of the few times I allow myself to conduct in-depth contemplations is during that half hour or so that I begin to wake up in the morning. It is a good time because I am still mostly asleep and it seems that my thinking is more creative; more spontaneous.

On occasion during this time, I will have a realization concerning whatever I am thinking about. Usually, it is a solution that might work or a step which might lead to a solution. These realizations have a very different feel as compared to my usual contemplation and I have come to think of them as guidance from my friends on the other side.

Here is an important point. I think of these realizations as suggestions. Yes, they may be from my etheric helpers but the suggestions are not always consistent with my way of doing things and would sometimes demand more time than I could possibly spare. From my experience through the years, it is very important that we who may be the helpees always need to feel free to accept or reject such help based on our sense of personal responsibility.

The way I experience those realizations is also how I experience messages from the etheric when seeking information for a spirit greeting. As a good visualizer, I can develop a plausible story from the smallest bit of information. This makes it very difficult to tell the difference between a story that comes to mind and information that is outside of my usual awareness. Also, once a storytelling is started, it is almost impossible for me to stop and take a fresh, unbiased look.

My usual approach to spirit greetings is to find a quiet moment during the service to contemplate about the congregation. I visualize the congregation and ask if there is information for anyone. My intention is to ask my friends on the other side. It is difficult to know if this is what is actually happening because the expression of that kind of intention has evolved over the years to a self-hypnotic cue to sense anything about the congregation—psychically or mediumistically. That is the problem plaguing scientists. How do you know the difference?

Again, the realizations are often out of context. My storytelling is always in some form of context related to the circumstance. My usual mode of sensing is a combination of knowing and seeing. The people I think are trying to communicate with a member of the congregation—that is my intention—presents themselves in some way that will help identify them to the sitter. For instance, in my mind’s eye, I might see a part of the congregation with a man jumping up and down and I will know it is for a specific person in the scene—usually.

The majority of time, the sitter will give me a blank look and I have to conclude that my imagination got the best of me; however, I receive positive feedback often enough to make me confident that at least some of the messages are mediumistic. Perhaps there was not enough information in the image or perhaps I colored the message with my own worldview so much that it became unrecognizable to the sitter. Part of the risk of mediumship is that, if the message is wrong, it is the medium that is wrong. The rest of that story is that a lot of greetings are not delivered out of fear of being wrong.

One Sundays, Lisa gave a message about a large dog to someone in the front row. Earlier that morning, I had sensed a large, shorthair dog run from the front of the room toward someone near the back. He was very happy and full of life. I believe we both sensed the same dog but concluded different meanings from what we sensed. Clearly, we agreed on the fact of the dog.

It is as if a “dog” thoughtform had wandered through the room and at least two of us sensed its presence. A good way to think of thoughtforms is as very potent bundles of etheric energy that contain information about specific subjects or classes of subjects. Sensing a thoughtform potentially conveys information in a form of gestalt knowing about that subject. Sometimes—probably usually—the sensed information is colored by the person’s worldview. In that way, I might have assigned the dog to that person at the back of the room while Lisa felt it belonged to a person in the front.

Another factor that challenges my mediumship is the “ricochet” message. Information most commonly comes to me for spirit greetings in the form of little plays portraying a long-past event. They come with a sense about them such as sadness or irritation. I recently gave such a message to a person sitting beside Mary Beth. The person did not recognize the information, but after the service, Mary Beth told me that the message was probably intended for her, as it described an event in her past.

The same thing happened in England during a mediumship workshop. Rather than getting information for my mediumship partner, I got it for the instructor. Of course, my partner did not know what I was talking about—thus I was a failure … until the instructor told me that it perfectly fit a time in her life.

If you have the sense that each time I get up to give a message is something of an experiment, you are correct. I know that I am better than I come across, it is just that I stubbornly give what I get and what I get is often so far removed from the sitter’s current awareness that it may as well be wrong, or just as problematic, it may be right but for the wrong person.

Sensing messages is aggravated by what I will call the distracted mind effect. If I am deeply involved in a project, say writing a book or essay. Then, it is very difficult for me to disengage my mind from the project and focus on sensing subtle energy. This does not seem to be a problem for healing but it blinds my inner vision.

The phenomena of Spiritualism are usually described as healing by helpers in spirit and various forms of mediumship. However, in practice, there are many variables that complicate these and that must be considered. Practitioners are not just conduits conveying energy and information into the physical. They are metaphysicians seeking to understand the nature of the reality defining these phenomena. When they are in communion with their friends on the other side, they are so with awareness that their energy is much like the energy of their etheric friends. My task as a practitioner is to understand this and live accordingly.

Mediumship is a fragile form of communication and it takes both native ability and considerable practice for a medium to be confident in the messages. While it may be proof of survival, it is clearly a study of subtle energy and how we perceive our reality. As a community of like-minded friends, we are all involved in this study. That helps to make our church a friendly and understanding place to develop, but it potentially casts an air of incompetence in the eyes of people who do not understand. It is important that we remember this when new people visit our church. Like healing, spirit greetings require the cooperation of medium, sitter and our loved ones on the other side. We are all learning together.


We Are All Healers

by Rosalee Jackson

One of the phases of Spiritualism is healing. We are all healers and every day we go through some process of self-healing. You may not be aware of it as healing, but it is healing all the same.

Have you ever hit or cut your finger and immediately stuck it in your mouth? You are healing your finger. Other times, you may think of something that you should have done earlier and put your hand up to your head as you say “Oh I forgot”, to do this or that—you are healing your thought processes.

Spiritual healing is not new. According to Rev. Rita Faubel in her book Psychic and Spiritual Awareness, spiritual healing had been a lost art for many years. In early civilization there was no conflict or antagonism between medicine and religion. They were considered related, and basically the same. After the death of Christ, spiritual healing was performed by his followers for about 300 hundred years. This, according to Rev. Faubel, declined when the church became prosperous and worldly. At that time, it was a sign of spiritual power to be able to heal. Some people not high in the church hierarchy could heal better than those who were high. This caused jealousy, so healing was forbidden. People felt that they had to turn to something, so spiritual healing died out and medical healing became popular.

Then the church disapproved of the medical profession. In the 6th century, the Emperor Justinian closed medical schools in Athens and Alexandria. In the 13th century, the Pope condemned surgery. In the 15th century, dissection and the study of anatomy was condemned and pronounced sacrilegious. After that time, we heard no more of organized spiritual healing until Dr. Phineas Quiniby rediscovered it and gave it to humankind as a science. Since that time, we have had several methods of spiritual healing—Unity, Science of Mind, Christian Science and the spiritual healing of Spiritualism. Each has its own method of treatment. All have attained a degree of success, because these different methods call upon the same law. Spiritualism recognizes that there are times when medicine and surgery are necessary to restore harmony in the body. Spiritualists also have found that healing vibrations are very effective in speeding up the healing process following surgery.

Andrew Jackson Davis, who is the “Father of Spiritualist Philosophy,” says that good health is the normal condition of all living things. Health is happiness of the body and mind. He states that the laws of nature work to one end only, and that is perfect harmony. He declared that disease is discord and evidence that the spiritual balance in body and mind has been disturbed.

In her book, Heal Your Body, Louise Hay writes of a similar philosophy to Andrew Jackson Davis. She gives the emotional cause for disease and then gives affirmations to help you rid yourself of the emotional block. She asks that you say the affirmation as often as you can to remove the block from your subconscious mind that is causing the disease. So again, we are all healers to some degree.

A successful healer must have:

  1. A suitable chemical constitution of spirit and physical bodies.
  2. Humility
  3. Love of Humankind
  4. A desire to heal and help others.

Most methods of healing are guided by spiritual forces, and we as Spiritualist are conscious of this guidance. It is through this help and guidance from the spirit realm that we are able to heal. It occurs when the spirit sends healing powers, which rides along the healer’s magnetic force. This positive energy affects your spiritual body which affects and changes the consciousness and chemistry of your physical body.

We are all guilty of emotions that cause disease, headaches or fatigue. In order to stay healthy, we need to begin to release old ways of thinking. We must be willing to do what we can to improve our mental and physical health. We should give up resentment, self-pity, hate, unforgiveness, guilt, anger and criticism, to name a few.

Let go of things that have held you back in the past, be it physical or emotional. Begin a process of forgiveness. When you sit in meditation, go back in your mind and forgive everyone in your life that needs forgiving. If you do not meditate, do this before you go to sleep each night. This should be an on-going process, because every day something is going to come up that you’ll need to forgive and let go.

See yourself as being emotionally and physically free. It’s easy to be free physically. Visualize yourself as being free of pain, doubt, envy and fear, and learn to relax. When you go for a healing be open and receptive to the healing vibrations around you. This will help tremendously, and remember to breathe and relax.

As you go through life remember that you must take responsibility for your own health. If you are told by your doctor that you are seriously ill don’t wallow in self-pity. If you must, do it for thirty minutes and then change your perception. Fill that self-pity space with love and light, and bless your body and mind and all of your organs, then take charge. Everything responds to this appreciation. Tell yourself often that, “I am whole and strong and free, just as God created me to be.” Do this daily and you’ll get results.

Precursor Sounds in Physical Phenomena

by Lisa Butler
(As published in the Summer 2002 Association TransCommunication NewsJournal.)

Many of our members have talked and written to us about a noise that is often heard right before an EVP message.   It appears before some of our own EVP.   It is a loud, or not so loud, click, pop, boom or crackling sound.   Some have described it as similar to the sound of someone keying a microphone.   One noted researcher likened the noise to a micro sonic boom.   When we are listening back to an EVP recording and hear this sound, we listen more intently to what comes next.   If you are one of the many people who have experienced this noise you know what I am talking about.

Not all EVP messages are preceded by this precursor, “popping” sound.   For us it is an occasional occurrence.   But when we hear it we are not unlike Pavlov’s dogs, ears perked up waiting for that reward.   The click, if there, means a reward of an EVP.   It, for us, usually signals a better than average EVP as far as loudness, quality and clarity is concerned.

Geoff Viney in his book Surviving Death, Evidence of the Afterlife discusses this mysterious sound in relation to other types of phenomena.

  • In 1986 the downstairs rooms, in a farmhouse in England, were infiltrated with the voices of those who appeared to be former residents.   The voices were heard over several nights.   The voices began and ended with a distinct “click” as if a radio had been turned on and off.   Investigators looked for a receiver or a transmitter, but none was found.   Natural explanations for the phenomena were ruled out.
  • In 1973 the owner of a converted lighthouse in Maryland repeatedly had his sleep interrupted by the racket of doors banging, furniture moving and footsteps.   A “clicking” sound preceded these manifestations.   Upon further investigation nothing in the area that the noises came from appeared out of place. The building’s owner decided to try and record what he was hearing and left a tape recorder running.   The tape contained voices and extraneous noises.   Some of these voices talked about the treatment of injuries.   A local librarian helped research the home and to everyone’s amazement found that the building was used as a field hospital during the Civil War.
  • The anomalous events centering on a World War II Lincoln bomber at the RAF Cosford Aerospace Museum were researched in 1990 by the British investigator Peter Thorneycroft.   The strange sounds of scratches, squeaks, girl’s voices, bumps and human sighs had been reported in the vicinity of the bomber.   The staff had seen phantom air crews and dramatic drops in temperature were reported.   Other phenomena included the movement of switches and the rotation of the wheels of the aircraft.   Thorneycroft saw moving points of bright light and also heard and recorded many anomalous sounds within the aircraft.   These sounds, which were most often mechanical movement type noises, were analyzed and it was found that they always began with a discernable blip on the tape similar to that produced by a sudden burst of static.

The clicking noise associated with EVP messages has been the center of considerable conversation for quite sometime.   Perhaps this sound is caused by a dimensional breakthrough and is an artifact of spirit world energy entering the physical world.   The above stories might point to this type of answer.

Paolo Presi on page 3 of this newsletter reports on Carlo Trajna’s “Psychotemporal Model” in which “Psychic Time” flows differently from “Physical Time.”   Is this anomalous sound before EVP messages caused from a shift in time as the two aspects of reality link up?

Alexander MacRae used an oscilloscope in analyzing a well-known recording from the Palace Hotel.   When viewing this recording Alec noticed that the level of background noise (whistles, hums and buzzing which were side effects of the equipment) on the oscilloscope almost went to zero.   Three or four seconds after the background noise disappeared, a woman’s voice was heard to say “Now.”   Two seconds later, a male voice was recorded with a personal message for his sister who was in the audience.   Another few seconds passed and a female voice said, “Finish,” and then the background noise once again returned to normal on the oscilloscope.

Perhaps the precursor noise we hear on our recordings is similar to the word “Now” heard on Alexander’s recording.   It may simply be a signal or a cue for us to listen closely to what comes next.   Is this noise similar to our telephone ringing letting us know that someone is calling?

Alexander’s recording may point to another possible fact, and that is that the entities need and gather all available noise and energy to get their message through to us.

Do those on the other side have equipment that they use to try and contact us?   Are researchers, indeed, hearing the keying of something like a microphone?   And are those on the other side doing this?   Several researchers in the past and present say that they have been in contact with groups on the other side that state that they have developed apparatus for communication with researchers on this side and that this development continues.

Contacts From The Other Side

A talk by Pam Ponsart

As I said in my talk about my journey here, I have had some amazing experiences. I want to share some of them with you, so, please sit back, relax, take off your “skeptic’s hat” and allow yourself to feel. I hope to impart the sense of wonder and awe I felt when Spirit came to me.

I have read approximately seventy books since Willie died unexpectedly and suddenly three years ago, last month. The books validated my experiences. (I have a list of books on hand for anyone who is interested. I was able to obtain just about all of them from our local library.)

Aside from the validation I received, I repeatedly read that there are neither accidents nor coincidences. I’ve come to believe that this is so and I also believe that Spirit can do anything.

Contacts from Spirit are experiential and I believe they happen to all of us. I also believe that if we are not open to the possibility of receiving them, we are likely to pass off a contact as something weird or random, or perhaps think it is only our imagination.

My first Visit came, unbidden almost twenty years ago, in the middle of the night while I was sleeping upstairs in an old farmhouse in a small town in rural Minnesota. I was brought to semi-consciousness; my bedroom was awash with pale pink; I could smell roses. Somehow, I had a knowing that this unseen presence was about a good friend of mine who had been battling cancer.

Telepathically, I was told to call, Darlene, her sister-in-law, in the morning. I remember, telepathically saying to this Presence: “You’ll have to remind me because I am asleep, you know.” Not long after that, she [the presence] disappeared and I returned to a sound sleep.

The following morning, as I was enjoying my coffee, at exactly 10:30, my head jerked up; I looked at the clock; and all at once I realized I had a call to make. (Darlene didn’t like to be called before 8:30 in the morning and with the 2-hour difference in time [between my town and hers], I could see the time was right.)

When Darlene answered the phone, she was crying and she told me that Gail had passed away during the night; we commiserated and I shared the story of my nocturnal visit.

This visit from Spirit was the beginning for me. It made me receptive to what I often refer to as “The Larger Life.”

It was only quite recently, maybe eight or nine months ago, that I felt moved to understand why I smelled roses when Gail came to me so long ago. I knew that her favorite perfume was “Joy,” and when I Googled the properties of that perfume, roses were one of the ingredients. And, then I recognized the message: she had made her transition and she was feeling joy. Suddenly, it became so clear.


Moving ahead to present time and my relationship with Willie after his passing, I was to have many more contacts; of many different types. I realized as I prepared this talk, there wouldn’t be time to share them all. So, I am just going to mention a few.

As I mentioned in my previous talk, Willie and I enjoyed a mere seven months as a couple. During the last ten weeks of his life, he made a verbal commitment to our relationship.

One of the things I felt, immediately after he passed, was his Presence. Yes, I felt him hovering near me almost all the time during the first two-to-three weeks, or so. Among other things, I felt his concern for me because he had just made a commitment to our relationship and then up and left! I kept saying to anyone who would listen: “I don’t get it! I know Willie is gone, yet I feel him everywhere!”

Luckily, at that time I was close to about a dozen women who had lost a husband or significant other at some point in their lives. These women ranged in ages from twenty-five to ninety-five at the time of their loss and had various religious backgrounds and beliefs. However, when questioned they all told me they had similar experiences.

Believing as I do now, I feel that luck had nothing to do with these friendships; it was all arranged by Spirit in order to assist me in my healing and growth.

I even remember talking to a fellow hiker, a male, about my loss and telling him about feeling Willie so nearby. He replied in such a way that I thought he too, had experienced this phenomena; however he said he hadn’t but that he knew a close female friend who had also received after death communications.

My grief drove me to seek comfort and to learn more. I was led to online grief support sites. One, hosted by renowned Medium James Van Praagh, introduced me to “The Language of Spirit.” James has written many terrific books (I recommend them all); he reminds us that “love never dies” and that our loved ones are very nearby.

Another site was hosted by a woman named Christine Duminiak. Christine wrote a book entitled “God’s Gift of Love – After Death Communications”, which is another very worthwhile read.

By the way: someone on Christine’s site suggested I try to locate a Spiritualist church here in the Reno area and that’s how I found us.


I read everything I could get my hands on in an effort to understand what was happening. Stealing Richard’s phrase, “I’ll do a little book-thumping here”:

The first book I read was written by Echo Bodine, titled Echoes of the Soul. I recall being intrigued with the concept, basically that we are all Souls having a Human Experience. And, I recommend this book as a great “jumping off point.”

Additional comfort during my time of grieving came in the form of a Willie’s dog; a sweet yellow Labrador retriever named Ginger. We bonded. Actually, she bonded with me right from the beginning of my relationship with Willie. And of course, she was also grieving for him. She is now living with Willie’s son, Jim.

I missed Ginger terribly! So, I asked to have weekly visits with her and I took her everywhere with me on those days. I’d pick her up as early in the morning as I could, maybe 7:00 a.m. and keep her until about ten minutes before Jim closed his shop. We had such fun! I felt so complete! (It was suggested that Ginger brought Willie’s Spirit with her when we were together.)

I talked to Willie often, and because James Van Praagh told us to ask Spirit for the type of contact we want to receive, I had asked to receive a penny. I have found that I absolutely never receive a penny unless I am supposed to.

During one particular week, when talking with Willie, I told him I was going to visit Ginger on Thursday of that week. On Wednesday night before the visit with Ginger, I asked Willie to show me that he was with us.

When I left Jim’s office to walk to his truck in the parking area where Ginger waited for me, all at once my eyes were riveted to a penny on the asphalt; not a shiny one but it was like the area around it was illuminated. I remember gasping a bit and I leaned down to retrieve the penny while silently conveying my gratitude.

When reading Destiny of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton, a highly-regarded Certified Master Hypnotherapist, I learned how Spirit helps bring about our recognition of the signs that our loved one is near. Chapter 2, titled “Death, Grief and Comfort,” contains specific information about this. I saw my experiences validated in great detail.

Oh, I have many more stories of contact I’d love to share; but, will leave them for another day.

In closing, I just want to say: Work on developing your intuition and Listen to it. Read the books which offer the information you seek. Talk to fellow Spiritualists, meditate, allow yourself to feel and to believe.

Our Loved Ones are right here, just a breath away in another dimension. They are Happy and will always bring us love, light and comfort, if we let them.

Thank you.



Visual Forms of Etheric to Physical Phenomena

by Tom and Lisa Butler

Spirit photography is generally considered to be photographs of nonphysical entities as they manifest in the physical. They are “caught” in the scene by the camera. For instance, in the photograph sent to us by ATransC website visitor, Paul Franklin, you can see the two orbs that he was concerned with. They are marked with vertical arrows. He later agreed that the orbs were caused by his camera flash reflecting from the two windows situated on either side of the fireplace. When we asked him who that was peeking around the corner, he admitted that he had not noticed the face, and that he was very much alone in the apartment. You can see in the enlargement that Morrison a person is watching Franklin. Assuming the person was not a nosey neighbor, we would consider the person to be a photographic “extra,” and the example would be considered spirit photography containing an apparition.

franklin_orbs_and_face_web     franklin_face_web

Visual forms of Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC) is the opportunistic use of chaotic visual energy to form features, such as human faces and animals. The features are not always, but are sometimes considered communication, as faces of recognizable people have been found, including loved ones. Tom Butler’s father appeared on request in one experiment, as shown here. It is common for the lower portions of the face to be obscured by noise, but it is also common for the face to be profiled in a way that will be recognized. For instance, Tom had just placed the picture of his father, shown here, on his desk.  The ITC image is transfigured optical noise generated using a video camera – television loop.

Reflected light phenomena
is a form of visual ITC that depends on optical energy from light reflecting off of surfaces and sometimes light coming directly from a bright light source. We believe that the presence of the features in this form of phenomena is not a form of communication, and is most likely not the face of a local entity. Instead, reflected light ITC gives us one of our most important views of the operation of reality. The “how” of it is probably the same as other forms of energy transfiguration, but the “why” of it is even more of a mystery because, without communication as a motive, why are the features there. It is as if the features are part of the background that determines the shape of “unassigned” energy.

A second point to ponder is that the features in optical noise generated via the video feedback loop are most often those of people, as opposed to reflected light ITC, which frequently contains the features of entities who appear more elfin. We see a similar technology dependence in audio forms of ITC. If the features are the result of intelligent action, then the message is that some entities are more able to access one kind of technology than another. For instance, there is evidence that earthbound entities find it easier to access random number generated processes than they are able to access audio frequency noise. In Spiritualism, we know that there is a need for energetic agreement between the physical and etheric communicators for communication to occur. The above observation would seem to take that understanding a step further and add an objective way of testing it with technology.

In the example shown here, a picture of a turned off television screen was taken by AA-EVP member, James Jones. What you see is light from the surroundings reflecting onto the camera lens. If you look at your turned off TV, you will see something similar. The texture of the screen seems to be ideal for forming the optical noise used for feature formation. The picture on the left is the TV screen cropped from the original picture. The contrast has been increased a little. The white arrow is pointing at the feature in question. The middle picture is that feature alone with the contrast increased even more. The picture on the right has been enhanced to exaggerate the feature to help you find it. Such features can be found in just about any optical noise.

jones_tv_screen     jones_elf_and_dog     jones2003_Elf

In the case of orbs, most of us who study these things were initially perplexed by them and many thought they were phenomenal. However, subsequent studies have shown that most orb pictures are bright light reflecting back onto the camera lens from shiny surfaces or the camera flash reflecting from particulates in the air. Because the flash is so close to the lens in most cameras these days, dust is easily illuminated where the lens can still detect the small objects. With that said, some orbs do seem to be evidence of etheric life. The problem is that we have no way of telling which is which if the orb is stationary. We usually look for a bright object in the scene, but not necessarily in the picture. Then we look for things like rain, fog or snow somewhere in the scene, maybe just outside of what is shown in the picture. Here is an example of orbs caused by snow and breath on the left, and then a flying insect on the right. The photographed were taken by Kathy Conder, as part of her catalogue of camera artifacts.

conder_snow_breath     conder_insect

We are able to study some forms of orbs. For instance, here is a dark, fuzzy ball that seems to be about the size as a softball. It can be seen moving in the White Noise DVD bonus feature that is of us recording for EVP in a supposedly haunted house. Look at about three minutes into the feature. We did not see it at the time, but the orb moved by us about the time that Lisa recorded the EVP, “Betty’s in there,” in response to Lisa saying that we were going to go into a bedroom. We sensed the presence of a woman in the bedroom the first time we visited it, but not the second. The orb itself (white arrow) is shown enlarged as an inset. Click on “Betty’s in there” to hear the EVP.


We need more such examples to be able to speculate with any intelligence. As for possible faces in orbs, as discussed above, it has become evident that something will transfigure appropriately noisy light to form recognizable features. These are usually human faces, but dog and other animals are not uncommon. JPEG picture compression noise also produces faces, and as such, emailed or Internet photographs may be somewhat different on different computers. Because of the nature of these features in orbs and optical noise, we do not think the faces are anything more than opportunistic use of the optical noise. In other words, they probably are not the face of a local ghost, and are not evidence that the orb is etheric. Finally, we are more inclined to think that, if some orbs are evidence of etheric life, the life is more probably an etheric critter than a loved one.

The Face on the Wall was found at a previous meeting place for the Spiritualist Desert Church in Las Vegas.  In this example, it is possible to see a faint representation of a face on the painted wall.  The members of the church painted the wall after they moved in, so they know there was nothing under it that might show through.  Also, it is evident that they used something like a sponge to provide texture in the blue paint.  Whatever they used, it was far to course to have produced the detail shown in this example. (Click on “Face on the wall” to see article.)

Face was almost invisible in the white paint. Contrast in this example is exaggerated to improve visibility.

By the way, we have received many emails from website visitors telling us that they have seen other faces on the wall. It is the nature of Visual ITC for any available optical noise to be used for feature formation. We do not understand why or how. We are aware of the other faces but are focusing on the main feature.

Faces on a turned off television sets is the final form of photographic phenomena we will address. In the example shown here taken by “Cathy,” the boy’s mother, the boy is taking his first steps. In the uncropped version of this picture, you can see that the TV is incidentally in the scene and was clearly turned off. Cathy recognizes the face as that of her sister, Gloria, who is discarnate. We have had many emails claiming that the picture is of Candace Bergman and that the lower part of the face is missing because the camera caught the TV mid-scan of a television program. We assure you that the picture is phenomenal and that this sort of picture is rather common. In every example we have seen, there has been a child in the scene. It is also common, as witness the picture of Tom’s father above, for the lower portion of the face to be poorly formed or missing.


Photographic technology is complex and offers numerous opportunities for artifacts that sometimes appear much as we expect nonphysical phenomena to appear in film or digital frames.  Even the experts in photographic technology have difficulty explaining how some artifacts are formed by the technology, even though it is relatively certain that the features in question are known to be an artifact.

Séance Experience With David Thompson

by Mary Beth LoVecchio

For more information about David Thompson, please visit:

David Thompson Séance
David Thompson and The Circle of the Silver Cord Séance

This was only my second physical phenomena séance. Both were with Australian Medium David Thompson. During the séance, there were twenty-five sitters around the walls of a completely dark, windowless room. Most of the sitters were known to me; however, there were a few strangers.

David had been bound to his chair by the wrists and ankles. His cardigan sweater had been buttoned up the front and secured with plastic ties and a gag had been placed in his mouth. (A couple of the sitters were asked to witness this up close.) David sat behind a black curtain in the corner of the room. All light were extinguished, music was played and we were all encouraged to sing along to raise the vibration. We were then told to hold hands with the person on either side of us.

After a few minutes, footsteps were heard emanating from a sheet of plywood lying on the floor in the center of the room. A deep, male, voice spoke from what felt to be at least six feet in the air. In old English he said, “My name is William Cadwell, I am a very close friend of young David here.” He walked back and forth on the plywood (footsteps could be heard). “If anyone has any question, I will be willing to answer them. Just speak out.” There was silence at first, and then Carla Gee (on my right) spoke up, asking about music in the Spirit World. William answered that it was magnificent and that you could literally feel the music and be a part of it. Then he said to Carla, “May I touch you?” Delightedly, she responded “Yes!” He came close and placed his huge hand upon her head. She remarked about its size and solidity.

Séance room prepared by Steve Akins 

William then went on to answer questions from others (Shannon, Melani and a few people I do not know). Each was touched by his spirit hand, either on the head or the cheek.

I was unable to think of a question (brain dead as I usually am in the presence of Spirit) and thought I would be overlooked by William and wouldn’t get my chance to be touched by Spirit. However, Spirit is apparently able to read auras in the dark, because he came over to me and said: “I would like to talk to the quiet one here – the one that they call “the president.” “That would be me,” I responded. William talked to me for what seemed to be at least five minutes, all about the responsibility of being “the president” [Editor: of the Spiritualist High Desert Church of Reno] and how one needs to get along with all types of personalities; that it was my job to teach people about Spiritualism and mediumship.

Then he said, “May I touch you?” My heart leapt into my throat. “Yes, please do,” I managed. He placed one large hand upon my head (It reached from my forehead to the back of my own rather large head). It was warm, it was solid and it was heavy (It reminded me of my husband John’s gigantic hand). “It’s true,” I exclaimed – Everyone laughed.

William then said it was time for him to step back so that someone else could come through. That someone else was Timothy – a young boy of seven or eight, who serves as David’s Joy Guide and who is also “in charge” of ectoplasm. (Ectoplasm is a protein like substance that emanates from the body of the medium and which Spirit uses to materialize.) Timothy is Irish and the music played for him was an Irish Jig. As the music played, Timothy put on a show by twirling a trumpet (he knocked Shannon’s glasses off of her face), and playing with drumsticks, both on the plywood and on the knees of the sitters. He is quite raucous and loves it when people laugh.

After Timothy played for a while, he said he wanted to bring someone else through. It was asked, “Who is Mary?” We only had one person with the name of Mary; Mary Akin who is one of the eldest in our congregation. The entity was her Father. He spoke lovingly to her in a soft, shaky voice. Mary had a little trouble hearing what was said, so the woman on her left, Tania, acted as “interpreter.” Mary’s dad expressed love and said he was sorry he had been so tough on her when she was growing up. She acknowledged this was true. He also said a schoolteacher named Simpkins wanted to tell her too that he was regretful for being so strict. (Mary had no clue at the time who this teacher was.) Her father also said that her mother was with him and remarked that Mary of late had been wondering when she would be crossing over to the Spirit World. (She is 87, I think). He told her it would not be “any time soon,” and with that he left us.

Timothy also stepped aside so that another could come through. This time it was gay icon of the 60s & 70s, “The Naked Civil Servant” Quinton Crisp. Circle leader Christine Morgan asked if anyone knew who he was. Several of us voiced affirmatives. Quinton said, “I’ll bet none of you have ever spoken with a dead homo-sexual before.” There was laughter.

I spoke up and said, “Oh, yes, I do it all the time.” Quinton quickly came over to me. “And whom might they be?” he inquired. I told him that “Some of my best friends had lived that life and I talk with them all the time.” (I, of course, was referring to the New York crowd, Tom and Bill and Charles and Arthur King.) “So,” Quinton teased “You are what they call a “Fag Hag”? “Proudly,” I said, “but that was life a long, long time ago.” “I’m just having fun with you, My Dear,” he said. Then he went over to the other side of the room to chat with Steve Atkins and his daughter.

When Quinton left, we were graced with the presence of the famous trumpet player and entertainer, Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong. He spoke in that unmistakable gravel voice and sang along with a recording of one of his famous songs, “Hello Dolly.” He also played harmonica which is not an easy task for one in Spirit. Everyone thanked him when he finished.

When Louie was done, William came back in to say good night. Soon after that, there was a loud “thud” in the middle of the room and we were told it was okay. The music played while David revived from the trance.

When a small light was turned on, it was found that David was outside the cabinet. The “thud” had been him landing after Spirit levitated him out of the cabinet. He was still bound at the wrists and ankles; however, the green cardigan which had been buttoned down the front and secured with plastic ties, was still on him but backwards, still buttoned with the plastic ties yet in place.

When we came out into the living room, everyone was dazed. It was hard to believe that we had been in séance for ninety minutes in the presence of our Spirit Friends.

I, for one, will remember this evening for the rest of my days.


An apport object according to June G. Bletzer Ph.D. in the Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary is, “A living or inert thing that appears from the air without or with the will of the medium.   The apport appears spontaneously in the close vicinity of the medium while they are in trance, sleeping or conscious but unaware of the happening.   Apports are noticed as something out of their element and have significance to the finder.”

apport_article2In August, Pastor Lillian Joyce of the Church of Eternal Light in Westville, New Jersey reported that jewelry that she had lost three years before had reappeared.   The jewelry had been left in a hotel room drawer at the Virginia Beach NSAC convention and she was unable to recover the items.   In August she found a strange silver box in her jewelry drawer at home.   In the box were the missing pieces of jewelry.

The Rev. Barbara Thurman found a baggie on her worktable containing a topaz ring and a small metal turtle pin.   The ring was not one that she had ever owned but the stone reminded her of one that she had lost on a playground over 20 years ago.   Topaz is Barbara’s birthstone and the lost stone had been a gift from her parents.   The turtle pin was also not hers.   She said that she had raised turtles around the same time that she had lost the Topaz stone.   Even the baggie that the apports were in was not the type that she uses.   At a table tipping session a spirit communicator confirmed that the items were indeed apports.

From News From NSAC #35, published by the Director of the NSAC Department of Public Relations, Mary Montgomery Clifford .

Apports Received at ISF Congress

by Lisa Butler
(Originally published in the Summer 2002 ATransC NewsJournal)

We received a wonderful couple of surprises at the International Spiritualist Federation (ISF) congress we just attended.   The surprises were in the form of two apports.

apport2Tom and I made a presentation on EVP/ITC Tuesday evening and had all of the rest of the time to simply enjoy and learn. We attended two classes each day and also had the opportunity to listen to three to four speakers present on various topics each day.

We attended a Physical Mediumship and a Trance class.   We found them very enjoyable and educational, and were even able to see clear evidence of transfiguration taking place with various sitters on that first morning of the Physical Mediumship class.

On Monday afternoon Tom and I were sitting in our second Trance class.   We moved the chairs twice to allow more people to join the circle.   In doing so, we looked at the floor each time to make sure we had collected our water bottles.   After the instructor had led us through a deep meditation for trance, I reached under my chair for my trusted bottle of water.   There on the floor directly under my chair was a small white stick that said “MEDIUM” on it.   The stick is plastic and is the type placed in your steak in restaurants to tell you that it is done the way you requested.

Tom and I were stunned; in fact this is an understatement, as we have never received an apport directly like this.   In addition we even knew the group that used this type of apport as we had received them in mailings of the letter writing experiment conducted by the Society for Research in Rapport and Telekinesis (SORRAT).

As if this was not exciting enough, there was more to come.   On Monday we had attended our morning class and then returned to our room for a break before returning to the cafeteria for lunch.   I was wearing a pair of leather flats that are very light weight.

We made the walk back, went through the cafeteria line and ate our lunch.   Before leaving, I returned to the food line for another glass of tea.   As I walked, I felt an obstruction in my shoe that hurt.   I figured that my hose were twisted causing a lump or that something had gone wrong with the interior of my shoe.   I remember thinking that it would most assuredly give me a blister, so I sat down and slipped off my shoe to see what in the world was causing the pain.   There on the side of the shoe was a little white stick that read “MEDIUM.”

Our excitement turned to shock!

In the Spring 2001 AA-EVP newsletter, we reported on the SORRAT letter writing experiment that we have been participating in for many years.   John Thomas Richards Ph.D. facilitates the experiments.   The entities who perform the Independent Writing (messages are written without using any part of someone’s physical body) are called the Imperator Group.

In the letter writing experiment the entities often include small artifacts (apports) in the envelopes they send to the participants.   These are most often the small sticks that read “MEDIUM.”

It has been over two years since we had received a “medium stick” artifact from the Imperator Group through the mail.   In fact the last letter we received from the entities was unsolicited and read, “Friend Thomas, and others in AA/EVP- A caution to technophiles: Anyone concerned with the future of creative thought should be wary of the near-obsession with technology that is apparent.   While certain benefits to this emphasis on technology cannot be denied, there are serious challenges to creative thought, which is far less amenable to this type of communication, built on thoughtful, reasoned dialogue between our side and yours, and on the primacy of ideas.   We seek to cultivate engaged minds.   We are not Luddites, but slow, wise, gestating, reasoned thought cannot be cut down to a sound-bite.   Postmodernism is …” (here the letter ends.   It is apparent that there was a second page but we never received it).

After receiving this letter from the Imperator Group we felt that they did not find particular favor with our promotion of EVP/ITC.   To be honest at the time we were a little disappointed, as this is the platform that was handed to Tom and I and it has provided a way for us to promote understanding of personal survival.   The Imperator Group is interested in promoting survival and we felt that they would be pleased with anyone doing the same–in any manner.   Perhaps, we took the letter a little too personally.

It is clear that it is the Imperator Group that sent us these two wonderful proofs of survival.   In view of the letter, above, we feel that they did it on the days before our presentation as a form of encouragement.   The presentation went spectacularly well.

The apports were very shocking but so very exciting at the same time.   I hope that we hear more from the Imperator Group.   We will do our part by spending time in a development group as we continue our ITC experiments.