Contacts From The Other Side

A talk by Pam Ponsart

As I said in my talk about my journey here, I have had some amazing experiences. I want to share some of them with you, so, please sit back, relax, take off your “skeptic’s hat” and allow yourself to feel. I hope to impart the sense of wonder and awe I felt when Spirit came to me.

I have read approximately seventy books since Willie died unexpectedly and suddenly three years ago, last month. The books validated my experiences. (I have a list of books on hand for anyone who is interested. I was able to obtain just about all of them from our local library.)

Aside from the validation I received, I repeatedly read that there are neither accidents nor coincidences. I’ve come to believe that this is so and I also believe that Spirit can do anything.

Contacts from Spirit are experiential and I believe they happen to all of us. I also believe that if we are not open to the possibility of receiving them, we are likely to pass off a contact as something weird or random, or perhaps think it is only our imagination.

My first Visit came, unbidden almost twenty years ago, in the middle of the night while I was sleeping upstairs in an old farmhouse in a small town in rural Minnesota. I was brought to semi-consciousness; my bedroom was awash with pale pink; I could smell roses. Somehow, I had a knowing that this unseen presence was about a good friend of mine who had been battling cancer.

Telepathically, I was told to call, Darlene, her sister-in-law, in the morning. I remember, telepathically saying to this Presence: “You’ll have to remind me because I am asleep, you know.” Not long after that, she [the presence] disappeared and I returned to a sound sleep.

The following morning, as I was enjoying my coffee, at exactly 10:30, my head jerked up; I looked at the clock; and all at once I realized I had a call to make. (Darlene didn’t like to be called before 8:30 in the morning and with the 2-hour difference in time [between my town and hers], I could see the time was right.)

When Darlene answered the phone, she was crying and she told me that Gail had passed away during the night; we commiserated and I shared the story of my nocturnal visit.

This visit from Spirit was the beginning for me. It made me receptive to what I often refer to as “The Larger Life.”

It was only quite recently, maybe eight or nine months ago, that I felt moved to understand why I smelled roses when Gail came to me so long ago. I knew that her favorite perfume was “Joy,” and when I Googled the properties of that perfume, roses were one of the ingredients. And, then I recognized the message: she had made her transition and she was feeling joy. Suddenly, it became so clear.


Moving ahead to present time and my relationship with Willie after his passing, I was to have many more contacts; of many different types. I realized as I prepared this talk, there wouldn’t be time to share them all. So, I am just going to mention a few.

As I mentioned in my previous talk, Willie and I enjoyed a mere seven months as a couple. During the last ten weeks of his life, he made a verbal commitment to our relationship.

One of the things I felt, immediately after he passed, was his Presence. Yes, I felt him hovering near me almost all the time during the first two-to-three weeks, or so. Among other things, I felt his concern for me because he had just made a commitment to our relationship and then up and left! I kept saying to anyone who would listen: “I don’t get it! I know Willie is gone, yet I feel him everywhere!”

Luckily, at that time I was close to about a dozen women who had lost a husband or significant other at some point in their lives. These women ranged in ages from twenty-five to ninety-five at the time of their loss and had various religious backgrounds and beliefs. However, when questioned they all told me they had similar experiences.

Believing as I do now, I feel that luck had nothing to do with these friendships; it was all arranged by Spirit in order to assist me in my healing and growth.

I even remember talking to a fellow hiker, a male, about my loss and telling him about feeling Willie so nearby. He replied in such a way that I thought he too, had experienced this phenomena; however he said he hadn’t but that he knew a close female friend who had also received after death communications.

My grief drove me to seek comfort and to learn more. I was led to online grief support sites. One, hosted by renowned Medium James Van Praagh, introduced me to “The Language of Spirit.” James has written many terrific books (I recommend them all); he reminds us that “love never dies” and that our loved ones are very nearby.

Another site was hosted by a woman named Christine Duminiak. Christine wrote a book entitled “God’s Gift of Love – After Death Communications”, which is another very worthwhile read.

By the way: someone on Christine’s site suggested I try to locate a Spiritualist church here in the Reno area and that’s how I found us.


I read everything I could get my hands on in an effort to understand what was happening. Stealing Richard’s phrase, “I’ll do a little book-thumping here”:

The first book I read was written by Echo Bodine, titled Echoes of the Soul. I recall being intrigued with the concept, basically that we are all Souls having a Human Experience. And, I recommend this book as a great “jumping off point.”

Additional comfort during my time of grieving came in the form of a Willie’s dog; a sweet yellow Labrador retriever named Ginger. We bonded. Actually, she bonded with me right from the beginning of my relationship with Willie. And of course, she was also grieving for him. She is now living with Willie’s son, Jim.

I missed Ginger terribly! So, I asked to have weekly visits with her and I took her everywhere with me on those days. I’d pick her up as early in the morning as I could, maybe 7:00 a.m. and keep her until about ten minutes before Jim closed his shop. We had such fun! I felt so complete! (It was suggested that Ginger brought Willie’s Spirit with her when we were together.)

I talked to Willie often, and because James Van Praagh told us to ask Spirit for the type of contact we want to receive, I had asked to receive a penny. I have found that I absolutely never receive a penny unless I am supposed to.

During one particular week, when talking with Willie, I told him I was going to visit Ginger on Thursday of that week. On Wednesday night before the visit with Ginger, I asked Willie to show me that he was with us.

When I left Jim’s office to walk to his truck in the parking area where Ginger waited for me, all at once my eyes were riveted to a penny on the asphalt; not a shiny one but it was like the area around it was illuminated. I remember gasping a bit and I leaned down to retrieve the penny while silently conveying my gratitude.

When reading Destiny of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton, a highly-regarded Certified Master Hypnotherapist, I learned how Spirit helps bring about our recognition of the signs that our loved one is near. Chapter 2, titled “Death, Grief and Comfort,” contains specific information about this. I saw my experiences validated in great detail.

Oh, I have many more stories of contact I’d love to share; but, will leave them for another day.

In closing, I just want to say: Work on developing your intuition and Listen to it. Read the books which offer the information you seek. Talk to fellow Spiritualists, meditate, allow yourself to feel and to believe.

Our Loved Ones are right here, just a breath away in another dimension. They are Happy and will always bring us love, light and comfort, if we let them.

Thank you.



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