Energy Spheres?

From the Winter 2001 issue of The Spiritual Scientist published by the Scole Group (properly known as the Spiritual Science Foundation). [The Spiritual Science Foundation is no longer in operation. See The Scole Experiment]

I contacted you about a year ago with ref. to Spheres in photos and also on video, moving freely. I was supposed to send a report to you but due to our findings and conclusions we were disheartened after feeling we were so close to a spiritual experience. I have a good balance between this subject and the conscious life we lead. I am not easily lead, nor naive or of a closed mind. This is what I liked so much about your book and being able to read another account through the SPR (Society for Psychical Research). It was straightforward and balanced and the most refreshing thing I have read on this sort of subject. Exactly what I was looking for at the time. From your suggestion to ask to be linked to the “Universal Harmony” whilst sleeping I have had a great calming effect, some sound sleep and healing. After reading your book and SPR’ s account I decided to try out your practices.

I have worked for a photographic company for twelve years so have a good base for photography. A customer came in with the problem of’ Spheres’ on their photos taken with a new digital camera. That was the start of a three-month project to find the cause. They had the belief that it was the spirit of their baby who had died less than a year old. I was hoping in a way it was, for all concerned. We tried about 6-7 digital cameras, but couldn’t get the Spheres on all of them. What was also strange, was that the spheres appeared to be predominately around women. At first, using their camera, I could not get the effect, but eventually I did after several attempts. I felt that it was a bit like psychometry , as you had to link to the vibration of the object to get the answers.

I then tried in my own home. Again, at first nothing, then eventually some results. Sometimes it seemed the Spheres would appear as a response to something I had said. The female link was also consistent. I could get them around my sister but she could not get them around her husband or me. Also, they only appeared when the flash was used. Why hadn’t anyone else return these cameras with this problem? The Spheres totally ruined the pictures so there would be no point in having a camera.

It progressed to capturing them on video camera. Again it seemed on occasions they reacted to suggestion. When I made the SPR aware of this phenomenon, they said they had received several, similar reports. (Maurice Grosse)

I decided to try and eliminate digital media, as this only started since this was introduced. As the images on digital camcorders, (three different models) were all on night shot using infrared, I set the analogue cameras the same, and had the same results.

Three months passed, and to be honest, we were 100% sure it was not dust or reflections, as we had carried out many experiments to eliminate these, but we were wrong.

Fuji exchanged their still camera, but the new one produced the same result. They found no fault with either camera. We have an in-store mini-lab where I work, and “Spheres” were starting to appear on 35mm films, 99% of these could be explained as moisture or even raindrops. I was becoming agitated because my intuition was telling me that something wasn’t quite right. I trust my intuition but didn’t really want to on this occasion because I thought I had finally found my proof.

The analogue camcorder had a night-light, which would switch on when it detected low light, when it did this, there was an abundance of spheres everywhere. I really knew something was amiss at this point. But the other members of our group wouldn’t believe me. The one photographic rule I had gone along with, was that if a lens was focused on the furthest point nothing within a few inches of the lens would be in focus. I could see when the light was on, small particles of dust swirling around close to the lens. So I patted my sleeve on my sweater, which had been lying in a dusty place, in front of the lens and there were our swirling Spheres.

I repeated this a number of times with the same effect also seeing odd shaped pieces of dust. It made them look as if they were on the other side of the room.

Everyone was so disappointed. I explained that it’s better to find out than to be misled and there are plenty of avenues to explore on this subject. I believe you have to be objective to keep a healthy balance and that all things happen for a reason. At least all this had brought us together to form our group.

Editor’s Note: We would like to thank all those who contacted us with similar experiences findings.

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