Life After Life

 by Jannet Caywood

I’m pretty sure most of us here believe in life after death or our soul’s continuing existence.

How many of you have had some event or vision that has confirmed for you that belief? I had a vision.

I was in the water; in the middle of a choppy ocean. I could see debris floating around me and a man in a wooden lifeboat. He was dressed in an old fashioned seaman’s jacket and cap. He didn’t see me and didn’t rescue me. I felt panic and started to drown. I felt fear as I sank deeper and deeper, reaching up for the light that got smaller and smaller, finally becoming just a pinpoint and then total blackness. In a moments time, I saw millions of stars and galaxies in all colors. I felt oneness with All That Is and complete peace and love. I knew then that I never cease to exist.

But what is it like to live after death? Or, should I say living life after life?

I will share with you samples of what I have learned from reading these three books: The Afterlife Unveiled by Stafford Betty, Letters From The Light by Elsa Barker and In The Afterlife by April Crawford. The information in these books was gathered through the channeling of Spirits. Some of whom had never been in the physical on this Earth, some who had been dead for over a hundred years and some who had passed only a few days or months prior. In all cases this information was shared with us so that we might know we are loved, that we continue to live although in a different form, that we need not be afraid and that while we are in the physical we take the opportunity to learn and grow as souls.

the-afterlife-unveiled    letters-from-the-light    in-the-afterlife

Imperator, who described himself as “chief of 49 spirits,” and who was originally channeled by the 19th Century Anglican Priest William Stanton Moses, described a map of the afterlife: “We believe that we state what is accurate when we say that your earth is the highest of seven spheres; that there are succeeding the earth-life seven spheres of active work, and succeeding these, seven spheres of Divine contemplation. But each sphere has many states.”

The afterlife or Summerland as it is often referred to by those in Spirit, begins at the Earth’s surface and extends outward.

When we pass on to the afterlife we don’t become enlightened, angelic beings. As Imperator tells us: “As the soul lives in the earth-life, so does it go to spirit-life. Its tastes, its predilections, its habits, its antipathies, they are with it still. It is not changed save in the accident of being freed from the body. The soul that on earth has been low in taste and impure in habit does not change its nature by passing from the earth-sphere, any more than the soul that has been truthful, pure and progressive becomes base and bad by death.”

The Spirit world is a spectrum of realms stretching from lowly joys and satisfactions of a novice soul, to spheres of unimaginable radiance and fulfillment, to darker murkier regions where souls of a lower order reside. It’s a place of landscapes, seas, houses, and cities. It Is a material world but of a higher vibration. There are gardens, libraries, universities and hospices, but no landfills or smog. There is no traffic and the roads are covered with thick moss like grass to walk on.

Those in spirit do not become suddenly all knowing. They continue to work and grow, as here on Earth, towards enlightenment. Many are no more motivated in spirit than they were on earth in the physical.

Many fail to recognize their condition for a time, refusing to believe they have died, especially if they were certain death meant extinction.

Injured, sickly bodies are left behind, but all spirits carry an astral signature making them recognizable to others who knew them on earth in the most recent lifetime as well as previous lifetimes.

The astral is more vivid and intense and spirits have fewer limitations. They can communicate telepathically, move from place to place by willing to be at their destination, or they can walk if they wish. Minds are sharper and emotions, both positive and negative more acutely felt.

infinite Spirit, the Creator, places us on earth to challenge us, to see us grow in wisdom, love, and power and the use we make of our free will is crucial to our development at all levels.

Spirits gravitate to their rightful place. They must grow in wisdom and love gradually and cannot enter a vibration they are not ready for.

The astral world provides opportunities for every interest, from science to music and theology, astral architecture to homebuilding, and missionary work. It is full of challenges for those who desire to grow.

Physical danger and illness do not exist. Eating and sleeping are optional and unnecessary. There is no sense of linear time.

Many of those in Spirit maintain an interest in events on earth and long to help it progress. And often claim that most of earth’s brilliant achievements were inspired by Spirits telepathically communicating their ideas. Spirits also long to help their loved ones still in the physical through prayer in reverse.

Spirits do not meet an embodied God but an all pervasive, penetrating Divine Light, that does not judge. Spirits celebrate the presence of the Light with grand music, displays of light and amazing language. Music is the supreme art. Painting, dance, and theater are also held in high regard.

There are hellish regions in the Afterlife, often referred to as Shadowlands. These regions lack the vivid clarity of the higher realms and have a dull overcast. Shadowlands are populated by the temporarily lost or confused or stubbornly unrepentant souls. Missionary Spirits minister to these souls which can free themselves when they are willing to face their errors and crimes and repent. All eventually will. No Spirit will remain forever in the dark regions, but God will never interfere with our free will.

There are three basic ways to progress in the Spirit world: admitting to one’s defects in character, service to others, and a yearning for higher states.

There are no masks in the Afterworld, you cannot hide what you truly are. The quality of light that you shine forth reveals all.

Relatives, friends, spouses, teachers, some from previous lives, some long forgotten, may turn up and resume old friendships. Many Spirits are members of spirit families or Group Souls, that await them after passing.

Spirits sometimes meet Christ-like beings, Beings of Light that come from higher worlds to inspire progress towards greater joy and awareness.

As Spirits progress to the next world they slough off their astral bodies for a spiritual body of less density.

Spirits are not naked; they wear astral clothing fashioned by the mind.

Our prayers for those in Spirit are deeply appreciated. If forgotten by their earth friends and family, they can experience loneliness.

Children in Spirit are raised, they do not suddenly become adults after passing. Nurturing and educating these child spirits is one of the noblest professions in the astral world.

Many spirits continue to practice man-made religions until they discover a deeper spirituality.

Suicides do not end up in an eternal hell, but they do not resolve the issues they came into physical life to resolve.

Human dilemmas turn up in the spirit world as they do on earth. There is a story in Letters From The Light about Judge Hatch and a man with two wives. The man’s first wife passes and waits for him in the afterlife. He remarries while still in the physical and after a time the man and his second wife pass. The three come to Judge Hatch asking for his assistance in resolving a problem. The first wife feels that the husband should be with her since she knew him first. The second wife feels he should be with her or she would be all alone and she knew him last. The husband feels confused and also has the desire to reconnect with a sweetheart from long ago. Ultimately, the decision was up to the three and the judge urged them to work things out After a time the three returned and the first wife said that she had decided to let her husband spend some time with his second wife if he wanted. Judge Hatch wondered if the only way the husband could get away from the two would be to return to earth.

Reincarnation is one of the keys to soul growth and is therefore crucial to the divine plan. Spirits have the choice to reincarnate or not, but most choose to return to life on earth in order to experience the challenges that lead to soul growth.

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