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National Spiritualist Association of Churches

This is the national organization with which the SSR is affiliated.

NSAC Department of Phenomenal Evidence

Mission of this Department: To investigate, inform, and present information that is received as it relates to the Science, Philosophy, and Religion of continuous life.

For Reno: Please feel free to contact a board member here in Reno if you have phenomena you would like to report. We are happy to help you submit a report.

Saturday Night Press Publications (SNPP)

A friend to all things spiritual. From the website: Saturday Night Press Publications (SNPP) publishes Spiritual/Spiritualist books under what has been termed “vanity publishing”, in that books which “mainstream” publishers will not accept, largely because they cannot make enough money on them, can be put before the public to spread knowledge and awareness of what is possible when we care enough.

Afterlife Forum

From the front page: We are a resource for people who are curious about death and those who have been affected by it. We collect articles from across the web that may be of interest to you, we post original articles by experts, and we link to articles in related fields and let you know why they are important. Our discussion forums are a place where you can ask questions and share your experiences. You will find here a community of sympathetic friends and experts in death-related fields who are eager to help you. Enjoy!

Michael Tymn

Michael Tymn writes about Spiritualism from a historical perspective. His blog provides an important source for people wishing to understand Spiritualism.

Society Member Website

Tom and
Lisa Butler
Association TransCommunication

150 by 50 logo

The Butlers are directors of the Association TransCommunication (ATransC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the study of trans-etheric communication and survival of personality after transition.

Pamela Ponsart

 pam_photoCapturing the Great Outdoors: Photographs taken by an avid hiker of the Northern Nevada  wilderness.

Pam makes her photographs available in many forms including photo greeting and note cards, post cards and photos printed on shirts. She welcomes special orders.

Resources for Spiritualism

Tom Butler Etheric Studies

hermetEtheric Studies Concepts
Trans-survival Hypothesis
Implicit Cosmology
Collective – A wiki for Best Practices

This is Tom Butler’s personal website. The Trans-survival Hypothesis is an evolution of the usual Survival Hypothesis posed in parapsychology. It also considers evidence made available via Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC).

The Implicit Cosmology is a model exploring the question, “What if survival is true.”

Spirit Communion

This is Dave Howard’s blog which has a focus on Spiritualism. He is a retired journalist, which shows in the quality of his writing, clear thinking and research. It is important that Spiritualists encourage people like David. He is amongst the few who are willing to be  activists in Spiritualism. You can support him by reading his blog, leaving encouraging comments and telling your friends.

Spiritual Resources

Spiritual Resources is a free, open site resource for the Spiritualist community worldwide. It was created – for the highest and the best – as a way for us to give back the so many blessings that we have received and keep receiving from Spiritualism.

Spirit Writings

This site has hundreds of links to websites and literature concerned with channeled material about the other side. Most of it is very old. There are some links to books about Spiritualism, as well.

The College of Psychic Studies

From the website: “As one of the oldest establishments of our kind, we endeavor to keep in touch with any new developments and educational methods, to continue the College’s influential and distinguished history. Our teaching staff, sensitives, healers & counselors have extensive training in their respective fields and are dedicated to helping with personal, psychic and spiritual development. more about the college.”

Craig Weiler The Weiler Psi

Examining Psychic Ability: The People, The Theory, The Science, The Skeptics

[Editor: Also includes news and comment about what is important to our community.]

The Weiler Psi is intended as a resource for people who are psychic, but don’t necessarily do it professionally. I am interested not in the talent itself, but in the people who have it. How does it affect us? How can we feel good about ourselves?

Guidance and Mediumship

Holly Riley

allowingWhen she gave a talk at Society meetings, Holly shared profound information from her near death experience and how she emerged with a clear understanding of how capable we are as humans. Upon healing from an incurable disease, she began exploring the vast power of mind and spirit. Her journey will remind you of who you truly are, beyond the limits or circumstances you face in life. You’ll recognize something very familiar in her words and awaken your own magic.