The Spiritualist Society of Reno is a community of like-minded individuals who meet every Sunday to share their understanding of the Science and Philosophy of Spiritualism.

Sunday Meeting

Our telephone number is 775-323-1114

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Sunday meeting: 11:00 am — 12:15 pm

Sparks Masonic Lodge

(Wadsworth Lodge)

2425 Pyramid Way

Sparks, NV 89431


Masons-mapThe Spiritualist Society of Reno meets every Sunday at the Sparks Masonic Lodge (Wadsworth Lodge), 2425 Pyramid Way, Sparks, NV 89431

The building is in a business complex at Pyramid Way and York Way, near N. McCarran Blvd and the Raley’s shopping center.

Going south on Pyramid, there is a parking lot entrance as indicated on the map.

Going north on Pyramid, turn left at the traffic light onto York Way and use the parking lot entrance on York.



The Society’s Sunday meetings are organized by a committee which arranges for and schedules people who will serve the Society each Sunday. This includes the chairperson, person who guides a short meditation and the speaker who may be a member of the congregation or someone who is not a member of the Society but who is able to bring important insights to the members. In this way, the Society maintains more of a sense of community.

What you can expect

A typical meeting begins with a song and invocation, another song and reading of the Declaration of Principles. The address or talk is typically fifteen to twenty minutes. It is followed by a guided meditation which usually lasts five to eight minutes. The Talk and meditation are followed by the healing portion of the service and then spirit greetings.

The Spiritualist Society of Reno focuses on teaching members of the congregation about the phenomena of spiritualism. The Society’s origin is religion, but Spiritualism is the science, and philosophy associated with understanding the nature of our immortality. It is a religion in so far as it is a community of like-minded people. Our Society’s balanced approach to Spiritualism is reflected in the wide variety of subjects presented by our Sunday speakers.

The Society considers itself a teaching society, and ideally, every member will have learned how to function as a conduit through which our friends on the other side may communicate and help manage spiritual energy for healing. Many of the members of the congregation have been trained and serve as student spiritual healers and mediums. They serve alongside our nationally certified workers.

Charter with the National Spiritualist Association of Churches since November 2, 2007 ( 

Your financial support of the Society enables more people to know the message that we do not die. It will also helps the Society find a permanent meeting place to better support the community.