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Issue 114

Help Consciousness Studies: Blending scientific research with internet technology, IONS Senior Scientist Dean Radin has developed online games that test individuals’ psi abilities. By participating in these three games, you can help provide data that is used in their research on consciousness: 1) The Halls of Healing are three free online games that test the roles of intention, attention and intuition in intentional healing. 2) The Garden of Dreams is a suite of free online psi tests, embedded within an adventure-type game that allows web users to test and explore their psi abilities. 3) Gaia’s Dreams is an experiment based on Carl Jung’s concept of the collective unconscious. It is designed to gather and analyze collective dream quality and content, and to provide reports on emerging trends based on aspects of those dreams.

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Buddhist Psychic Traditions: The Dalai Lama is very interested in science and spirituality coming together and supports “Mind and Life” meetings ( which link Tibetan Buddhist teachings with aspects of science. In his book Freedom in Exile, he specifically requests that science begins to investigate the Tibetan psychic traditions, such as the oracles and the Tibetan divination techniques known as Mo Divination. Many Tibetan monasteries have a practicing oracle and someone who does divination. Energy, psychic and spiritual healing techniques are commonly practiced. Buddhist teachings say that in order to attain enlightenment you have to first understand/experience the “clairvoyances.”

From: “The effect of Meditation Attainment on Psychic Awareness: Research with Yogis and Tibetan Buddhists” by S.m. Roney-Dougal, The Paranormal Review, issue 61

Dead Daughter Calls Home: A story in the Times of Omen talks about how Dr John Craggs, a psychologist at Chicago University verified a phone call when the parents of a deceased girl came to him and told him they were sure they had received phone calls from her. “With the family’s agreement, he attached a tape-recording device to the phone, triggered to operate when the phone rang. On August 3, 1960 the phone rang and was answered by Peggy’s mother. The device began to record and the resulting tape was later lodged in the archives of the American Society for Psychical Research. A published transcript of the conversation reads in part: A girl’s voice: ‘Mum is that you. I love you. Give my love to daddy, too. I am very happy. Please don’t cry like you did last time.’ Mrs. Fox: ‘Peggy, darling, is that really you?’ Girl’s voice: ‘You mustn’t be upset. I will try to…’ At this point the phone went dead. Dr Craggs later wrote: ‘The tape was played to several of Peggy Fox’s friends. They all said they were certain it was her voice. So did her grandparents and her school teacher.’”

From: “The mystery of the phantom phone calls,” by John Macklin/Tony James Features,

Transforming the Fear, Healing the Pain. Piero Calvi-Parisetti is a Scottish/Italian medical doctor and university lecturer. A member of the Society for Psychical Research and of the International Association for Near-Death Studies, he is also a trained psychotherapist and grief counselor. He writes, “As a medical doctor, I want to be of help. I want the knowledge I have accumulated through my passion for psychical research to benefit those who have lost a loved one, and those who are dying. Medical research tells me that this is possible: knowledge and understanding can indeed transform the fear of death and heal the pain of a loss.” Dr. Parisetti offers an adult education course titled, Transforming the Fear, Healing the Pain online. It is a professional counseling resource for the bereaved and the dying. It consists of twenty-three video lessons (ranging from ten to thirty minutes in length) and seven video assignments (selected excerpts from science documentaries ranging from twenty to sixty minutes in length). See:

the-spiritualist-movementThe Spiritualist Movement: Speaking with the Dead in America and around the World: This is a three-volume, 805 page set edited by Christopher M. Moremen. From the book description: “Based on the belief that the dead can communicate with the living through mediums, Spiritualism touches concepts as timelessly fascinating as human mortality and the continuing existence of the soul beyond bodily death. This comprehensive work will help readers parse the mysteries of this uniquely American religion through three thematically organized volumes: Spiritualism in the U.S.. Globally, Evidence and Beliefs, and Cultural and Social Issues. Drawing on fields as diverse as psychology, sociology, religious studies, anthropology, history, ethnic and gender studies, literature, and art, this broad-based collection frames Spiritualism through the views of a team of international scholars.


Public’s Views on Human Evolution: According to a new Pew Research Center analysis, six-in-ten Americans (60%) say that “Humans and other living things have evolved over time,” while a third (33%) reject the idea of evolution, saying that “humans and other living things have existed in their present form since the beginning of time.”

About half of those who believe in human evolution believe it is “due to natural processes such as natural selection” (32% of the American public overall). About a quarter of adults (24%) say that “A supreme being guided the evolution of living things for the purpose of creating humans and other life in the form it exists today.” Interestingly, more republicans doubt evolution (48%) while only 27% of Democrats doubt evolution.

From: “Public’s Views on Human Evolution,” Pew Research Center,, December, 2013

psi-warsPsi Wars: As was reported in the July-August, 2013 issue of the Summit, there has been a huge flap over Dr. Rupert Sheldrake’s TEDx conference talk on “The Science Delusion.” TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a nonprofit organization devoted to conducting conferences featuring speakers with “Ideas Worth Spreading.” TED allows other organizations to put on TEDx conferences, and so the video of Sheldrake’s talk was routinely posted on the TED website. That was when the skeptics began to complain, forcing TED to remove the video, which caused even more controversy.

It is important to Spiritualists to see how the TED/Sheldrake controversy spread to Sheldrake’s “biography of a living person” article in Wikipedia, which after more than ten years of stability suddenly became a platform for skeptical Wikipedia editors to bash Sheldrake in every way they can. (The skeptical editors have established full control of all frontier subjects in Wikipedia.)

The battle continues today and more than twenty bloggers have spoken out against how Sheldrake has been treated. Cyber-investigative reporter (blogger), Craig Weiler has been especially effective in documenting the controversy at The Weiler Psi blog, “The Big TED Controversy of 2013,” ( He has also written an excellent and insightful book on the subject titled: Psi Wars: TED, Wikipedia and the Battle for the Internet which is available on

The Art of Healing_cvr_p.inddThe Art of Healing. In 1979, Dr. Bernie S. Siegel, a successful surgeon, took a class from Elisabeth Kübler-Ross that focused on crayon drawing for healing, especially with patients facing life-threatening disease. Siegel incorporated these techniques into his practice — many of which were laughed at by others in the medical community. But his Exceptional Cancer Patients “carefrontation” protocol facilitated healings, often deemed miraculous, and attracted attention. “Dr. Bernie” discovered and shared the fact that while patients might need antibiotics, surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, their bodies also want to heal. He found that this innate propensity could be aided by unconventional practices, including drawing.

Why? Drawing produces symbols often representing the subconscious. Siegel shows how to interpret drawings to help with everything from understanding why we are sick to making treatment decisions and communicating with loved ones. All those facing ill health, and those caring for them, personally and professionally, will welcome the hands-on, patient-proven practices offered here. Available at the NSAC bookstore:, 716.595.2000,

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