Poetry Important to Members

These poems have either been written by members or their loved ones, or have special meaning to them.

Painting by transitioned member, Mary Aken – Lighthouse

Offered by Homer Goddard


What is this mystery called death?

I asked in a pensive mood.

The aged and weary say it is rest

after life’s long work is through.

The troubled in spirit call it peace,

release from the world’s care.

The broken hearted think it comfort,

escape from all despair.

And the faithless call it nothing,

A blackness without end.

I would call it a beacon

on a path to a friend.

Mary A. Written at age 16

Offered by Janet Caywood


Our heavy hearts hold us down to this earth.

I feel the wind of young wings brush my face.

There is flight of newborn spirit.

A freedom from physical pain and limitations

that bring lifting breezes under her feathers.

Our eyes will not witness, our own spirit knows.

Soar high and happy.

It will lift our hearts.

I love you Mom,

We will meet again when you bring me my wings.

Ed Shaver
Janet’s brother
August 8, 2013

Written by Zan Overall

Till death do you part

Sounds so sad

But you’ll rejoice

If you’ll just add

These words

From the other side of the coin:

Yes, Death do you part,

But in God’s good time,

Death doth also you rejoin.

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