Book Report: Your Soul’s Plan

A book report by Jannet Caywood for
Your Soul’s Gift: The healing power of the life you planned before you were born
written by Robert Schwartz

I was reading Your Soul’s Gift* at the time that Reverend Richard Schoeller was visiting. Being impressed by it, I told him a little about the book. Richard told me that a friend of his had recommended Your Soul’s Gift book as a must read to the members of his church.

I liked Your Soul’s Plan because it helped me to clarify and connect many of my beliefs, allowing me to better understand the purpose of the lives we live in the physical on this Earth plane. Robert Schwartz tells the stories of people, who like each of us, planned their lives your-souls-planbefore they were born.

He talked in depth with each of these individuals about a particular life experience, then researched their pre-birth plans with the assistance of four exceptionally gifted mediums and channeled consciousnesses.

These mediums and channeled consciousnesses are able to access the akashic records – the complete non-physical record of everything that transpires on or is related to the earth plane, including our pre-birth planning.

He researched life experiences regarding Spirituality, pets, care giving, incest, rape, suicide, mental illness, adoption and others. Experiences we have all had exposure to in some way. Experiences where we might ask “How could any soul plan to have such a painful and difficult life experience?”, and “Why would a soul agree to commit such a wrong against another person?

He explains that we planned our life challenges before our birth to foster our evolution. Our souls are vast, limitless, and ever aware of their oneness with all beings. As we learn and grow we bring our frequency closer to that of our Soul’s, allowing our soul to express more of it’s wisdom, love and joy through us.

This is a quote from the Channeled Consciousness called Jeshua:

The soul is both love and non-love. The soul is growing and evolving and is not all-knowing and all-love. The soul is the experiencing part of you, and through experience it moves from non-love to love.

Humanity has for what seems like forever, learned through suffering. Understanding our souls plan our challenges before birth, allows us to heal ourselves and move beyond the learn-through-suffering paradigm. By healing in the present we change our past, present and future lives. A Channeled Consciousness without a name says this:

Healing yourself changes the vibrational frequency of your generational line: your past, present, and future selves. Forgiveness also changes the vibration, which affects all involved. By healing yourself you help uplift the entire planet because you are contributing love, peace, and forgiveness rather than lower vibrational emotions. Stop fighting yourself; surrender and allow. Healing will occur naturally if allowed.

You on Earth in human bodies are to be the channels for healing to pass through to others on Earth. Be still and listen. You are powerful and creative beyond your understanding.

We plan our lives from a place of unconditional love with our guides and fellow souls. Mr. Schwartz says:

Before we are born we choose with great wisdom and care those we will love and who will love us. We intend for our lives to be a shared journey.

Some of our life lessons might be: self-love, emotional independence, compassion, service to others, and to not be victimized.

Our souls often forge life plans, that are intended to get our attention, to put our “issues” front and center where we simply cannot ignore them.

This book explores the pre-birth planning in several difficult subjects, in them incest and rape. We may be horrified that a soul would participate in such an experience as either victim or perpetrator. These traumatic experiences are often, though not always, planned before birth.

This book intends not to horrify but to bring an awareness of this aspect of soul planning into the collective consciousness so we can heal the wounded parts of ourselves – the underlying issues of unworthiness, powerlessness, and rage – and in so doing bring an end to incest, rape, and other forms of violation. “If we wish to create a world that is free of such trauma, then we must look bravely and honestly at what motivates the pre-birth planning of those experiences. And heal them.”

Robert Schwartz tells us that the awareness of our motivations in our pre-birth planning can give deep purpose and meaning to our traumatic life experiences, that they are not random or arbitrary. It is not the punishment of a wrathful God or cruel universe. It is ultimately for our highest good. The path to healing and awakening. Rather than see our challenges as empty, meaningless, suffering, see them instead from the perspective of our souls and heal the wounds that underlie them:

You heal as you come to understand there is deep meaning in your experiences. As you see meaning, you free yourself from the reflexive tendency to feel victimized, and you realize that you are the powerful creator of your life.

The experiences discussed in this book can serve as the tools of healing, awakening, and enlightenment.

Robert Schwartz also addresses free will and karma:

From the moment we are born we have free will and are there-fore able to deviate from our pre-birth plan whenever we like and as much as we like. All of us do, and in doing so we create – we vibrationally attract – experiences that were seen as unlikely before we were born.


Karma is sometimes conceptualized as “cosmic debt” but is more a lack or absence of balanced experiences.

Jeshua, the Channeled Consciousness says this about karma:

The releasing of Karma can happen instantly when the soul realizes the true nature of its own being: pure Divinity, one with Spirit. From this realization springs deep peace. When the soul can hold this insight, it will liberate itself quite easily from the bonds of karma.

And, from a Channeled Consciousness called Our Future Selves:

Sometimes we feel small and unimportant. We wonder about the true value of our lives and whether what we are doing is of real and enduring importance. You matter. You are vitally important. It is through you the physical self that your soul- and by extension, the entire Universe – evolves.

Speaking of synchronicity, I took this quote from an email I received as I began writing this address – Kryon – The New Beginning:

we spoke of the multiple parts of you. We spoke of how much of you is spread around the universe, but you are not aware of it. Not all of you is contained in that skin you gave a name for, which you call Human. Pieces and parts of you are on the other side of the veil – ones that you never even knew you had. We explained to you that it had to be that way. Who do you think is “up there” planning all this? It’s you! What do you think co-creation is about? What do you think synchronicity is about? It’s planning between Human Beings and between Higher-Selves of Human Beings on an interdimensional plane. You understand, don’t you that you are someone else’s synchronicity? It must be that way.

If you are ready to take the step and are open to the possibilities of pre-birth planning, whether you believe in reincarnation or not, I believe this is one of the most important books you can read. It presents to you the tools for understanding yourself, others and a world that at times can appear to be cruel. It opens up to us a much larger soul’s perspective of life, as compared to the very small perspective of a human’s life on Earth. All of this is offered with the unconditional love of Spirit.

Thank You!

*Schwartz, Robert, Your Soul’s Gift: The healing power of the life you planned before you were born, Frog Books, March 24, 2009, ISBN-13: 978-1583942727, Reviewed January 2013. Available at

Robert Schwartz is a certified hypnotherapist
who offers spiritual guidance and
hypnotherapeutic regressions to help people
understand their life plan.

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