Spiritualist Society Facility Fund

The Spiritualist Society of Reno has established a bank account to manage money for a dedicated facility for the Society’s services, classes and activities.

How the Fund Will be Managed and Used


Offerings from the members and classes are just covering the Society’s obligations for telephone, insurance space and other necessary costs.

We are fortunate to have an average of 20 people in attendance each week. On occasion, we have had 50 in attendance, and experience has shown that more would become difficult to serve in the room.


The need for Spiritualism in the Reno area has been demonstrated by how well the Society has been received by the community. This support continues to grow. At the same time, it is important that no member of the Society is turned away because of lack of space for seating.

The next step is to find a new meeting room that will support our growth for the next few years. This is something that clearly must be prepared for so that we can act when growth requires more room.

The Facilities Fund described here is money set aside for rent of a new place. You are invited to take part in growing this fund.

Estimated Costs


Our assumption is that the next move for us will be either to share a space with another Society or social club, or to rent a building or commercial space. Here is an estimate of the cost we are likely to face if we were to lease our own space:

Monthly Rent

Strip-mall space of 1,500 Sq. Ft. at $1.00/sf $1,500/ mo

(Conservative estimate.)

Move in costs

Deposit $2,000
Last month rent $1,500
100 chairs folding chairs at $30 each $3,000
Utility deposits $1,000
Misc. furnishing $1,000
Total move in cost $8,500
Monthly Costs
Rent $1,500
Monthly obligations $375
Sustaining income $1,875/mo or $22,500/yr

Yearly Costs

Current income

(25 members)

$500/mo or $6,000/yr
Year 1: rent from savings average 30 members $15,300
Year 2: rent from savings average 50 members $10,500
Savings to start and sustain for two years $34,300

Sustainable Income

The Society should be able to guarantee a minimum of two years rent before committing to a leased space. It is currently averaging 20 attendees and average offering per month is about $500. At that rate, the Society would need to average 94 attendees per week or have alternative income: fund raising activities, special donations, etc.

Using a two-year target to estimate required start-up funds, and assuming that there will be an average of 30 members in year one and 50 in year two, $34,300 should be available before signing a $1,500/mo lease.

For this to work, the Society should have an average of 94 members in year three or alternative, supplemental funding.

Recognition Program

A permanent panel will be prominently displayed with engraved plaques with the names of major donors or a memorial if the donation is in memory of a loved one. Minimum

perpetual_pledge-plackWays of Giving

The Church Community

Spiritualism does not begin and end with Sunday service. It is part of your community and can be part of your way of life. How much of a part it plays is up to you. It all depends on the effort you are willing to put into the Society. It also depends on whether or not the Society has the financial support necessary to serve.

Your offering is an important way to support the Society, and it is the weekly offering that pays the rent. No one receives compensation for their work, and virtually all of the money you give the Society is used in service to the community. If you want a strong Spiritualist presence in the Reno/Sparks area, then we need your strong support.

Having a dedicated meeting facility offers many benefits beyond the Sunday meeting. An important objective is to have space for a children’s meeting area aside from the main service. A library provides many hidden benefits to the Spiritualist community and it is very helpful to have room for a refrigerator and coffeepot.

A dedicated space means that more classes in mediumship, healing and Spiritualist principles can be offered, and it is even possible that a weekly meditation can become part of the community service—if only we had a dedicate space.

Supporting The Church Community

There are a number of effective ways for you to help assure the success of the Spiritualist Society of Reno. It is a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt organization, and as such, your donations are tax deductible. This fact can offer you a way to support the long-time service of the Society even as you continue to benefit from your assets. Besides cash contributions, the four most common vehicles for contributing to the Society are:

A bequest provision for the Society is added to your will or revocable trust.

Charitable Trust
An account is established with a financial institution in the name of the Society.

Real Estate
You can give property to the Society and avoid capital gains taxes on the appreciation.

By making a contribution of highly appreciated stock to the Society, you can claim a tax deduction for the fair market value of the stock and not pay capital gains tax on the appreciated value

Information about donating to the Spiritualist Society of Reno can be found at the on the Donation page.

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