The Phenomena of Spiritualism

The term, etheric, is used here as a reference to that aspect of reality that is thought to exist beyond this physical universe.  Some may think of this as:

  • The higher planes of existence
  • Beyond the Veil
  • The other side
  • A different dimension
  • Finer worlds
  • Summerland
  • Spirit world
  • Etheric reality or etheric aspect of reality
  • Heaven

However you think of it, the idea is that there is one reality, but that this reality has many aspects.  Our physical universe is only one aspect of the total reality.

You do not have to accept the existence of a greater reality on faith, alone.  There is considerable evidence for its existence that comes from many parts of the paranormalist community.  It is convenient to refer to the study of these phenomena as “Etheric Studies.”

The primary sources of this accumulated evidence are:

  • Information brought to Humankind via the various forms of mediumship–modern and historical.
  • Observed events such as hauntings, physical mediumship and apparent spiritual healing.
  • Mathematically derived indications of a nonphysical aspect of reality
  • Theories and observations in physical science that seem to point to a greater reality than is currently known by science.
  • Clinical evaluation of functioning mediums that indicate physiological and behavioral changes in coincidence with observed phenomena.
  • Instances of mediumship via electronic means as is know in EVP and ITC.

This evidence points to the existence of a nonphysical reality, but it does not necessarily define the nature of that greater reality to the extent that science has defined our physical world.

Definition of Phenomena

Any manifestation of nonphysical energy into physical reality.  “Phenomena” with a capital “P” is used here, otherwise, “phenomena” with lower case “p” refers to mundane or physical world manifestations of nature.  Here, Phenomena is generally thought of as an intrusion of subtle energy–usually called spiritual energy in the Spiritualist church etheric energy–into our physical awareness.  This energy is sometimes referred to as etheric energy.  Typical examples include:

  • Mediumship: a medium is a person who is able to sense the presence of a nonphysical entity, either through the physical senses or by way of thoughts and impressions conveyed by the entity.  From the most fundamental perspective, this nonphysical information is spiritual energy (etheric energy but of intelligent origins) that is emanated by entities residing beyond the veil.   Mediumship, then, is the act and process of conveying this energy into the physical realm.
  • Clairvoyance: a clairvoyant is a person who is able to psychically sense nonphysical energy and is able to project his or her awareness to other locations–physical or nonphysical.  As such, clairvoyance (clear seeing) is though of a the ability to project awareness beyond the persons physical location.  A modern trend is to refer to this as remote viewing.
  • Spiritual Healing: a spiritual healer is a person who is able to manage etheric energy, either in the form of vitality or in the form of etheric energy.  Please refer to the concept of healing for more information on this subject.

Spiritualists believe that such Phenomena is not supernatural or miraculous in any way, but that it operates according to the Principles of Natural Law.

How We View Phenomena

The Spiritualist church defines Spiritualism as, “Spiritualism is the Science, Philosophy and Religion of continuous life, based upon the demonstrated fact of communication, by means of mediumship, with those who live in the Spirit World.”  It should be clear from this definition that the Spiritualist church is serious about understanding the foundation of facts that support acceptance of the Declaration of Principles.

The Spiritualist church does not impose dogma nor creed on its members, but instead, encourages them to do the research necessary to prove the facts for themselves.  In the same way, Phenomena discussed on this web site will not be described in terms of faith, and therefore be considered proof of the Principles.  Instead, Phenomena will be approached as any good scientist would approach a poorly understood phenomenon–with open mind and great curiosity.

Please consider what we have posted on this site and join us in the Spiritualist’s effort to better understand the nature of reality.

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