The God Self: The Power of Thought and Happiness

by Zelma Dick
Based upon the teachings of H. Gordon Burroughs (Becoming a Spiritualist) and
Dr. Lonnie Edwards (Spiritual Laws That Govern Humanity and the Universe)*

In the book Becoming a Spiritualist by H. Gordon Burroughs, he says “We (the Spiritualist Church) are teaching that as a man truly thinks, he is forming his life; the thought of today becomes the action of tomorrow.” He goes on to state that, “Spiritualism is a religion of happiness. We believe in so living that we can manifest happiness. We make our happiness or unhappiness here and now.”

So, how do we manifest our happiness?

I recently attended a leadership workshop led by Dr. Lonnie Edwards (author of Spiritual Laws That Govern Humanity and the Universe). He indicated we become better leaders (in our church, community, family and work place) by leading a more spiritual life. He said that we are 99% spiritual and 1% physical, and everyone raises hell about the 1%. It is up to us to express more of the spiritual part of us that is one with God or Infinite Intelligence. In order to do this, it’s essential that we evolve from choosing the separation and victimhood of the ego to choosing to invite Infinite Intelligence to live through us and recognize our Oneness with all that is.

Ego can be defined as a tool to transform our human qualities and attributes into attributes of Divine Consciousness. The ego expresses itself through judgment, selfishness, impatience, criticism, blame, intolerance, hate, envy, pride, fear, anxiety, control, boastfulness, anger resentment, shame, jealousy, conflict and conditional love. Remember, we can choose to use these as tools for transformation.

The Infinite Intelligence within us is our God Self (also called our Higher Self) or that part of us that is the Divine Spark of God within us. It expresses itself through unconditional love, happiness, joy, kindness, tolerance, understanding, acceptance, peace, light, unity, compassion, beauty, forgiveness, harmony, wisdom, service/sharing, abundance and courage.

So how do we make this journey from living more an ego-based life to living through Infinite Intelligence or our God Self to manifest more happiness in our lives? First, give the ego a tranquilizer and put it to sleep. Second, we must learn to TRUST the God Self. We do that by carrying on a conversation with our God Self on a daily basis, and listen to its gentle voice. Fortunately, this church teaches classes on how to communicate with the spiritual dimension and receiving guidance. As we receive guidance and answers, and see results, our trust grows over time. The KEY is to trust our God Self to handle any situation until it becomes an absolute habit. Ask to see through Infinite Intelligence, hear through Infinite Intelligence, listen through Infinite Intelligence, manifest its Divine attributes in you and live your life for you. That means (gasp!) giving up control and surrendering to Infinite Intelligence or your God Self. As we surrender to the God Self peace comes and the noise of chaos goes away. This brings more happiness and joy into our lives.

This is a journey we take using Nature’s Laws taught by the Spiritualist Church. We are taught that we are making our heaven or hell every moment of our lives. As a man truly thinks, he is forming his life; the thought of today becomes the action of tomorrow. Therefore, the Spiritualist Church teaches we make our own heaven or hell as we live. [H. Gordon Burroughs]

According to the philosophy of Zelma, our thought patterns, emotions, beliefs and actions create a life of joy and happiness or a life of sadness and pain. The law does not play favorites. It says yes to what we focus upon whether that is positive or negative. This is an important statement so let me repeat it: The Laws of Nature say yes to what we focus upon through our thought patterns, beliefs, emotions, words, deeds or actions whether they are positive or negative.

Does this mean we are responsible for everything that happens to us? In other words, does this then mean that we do create our own heaven or hell right here on Earth? I certainly don’t claim to have all the answers, but these appear to the conclusions from the basic primer of Spiritualism and many other spiritual teachings.

Let’s learn a lesson from the “Book of Job” in the Bible. Job said that what he feared (or focused upon) had come upon him. The ego really likes to be right and to judge things as being good or bad, and right or wrong. In all situations we judge as evil, abuse or conflict, what would happen if we instead focused upon sending the person or situation light and love, and then asked for guidance from our God Self to speak through us – before we open our mouths and utter one word? Because, if we do otherwise, the situation is being handled by the ego instead of Infinite Intelligence.

The ego loves to tell you how to manage all material things so it’s important to be diligent in calling upon Infinite Intelligence, and then staying at that level during the situation. Ask for understanding as to why this lesson has been put before you. Ask how to be of service. Ask, “What is mine to do?” Ask your God Self to listen for you, speak for you and allow you to channel light and love. In other words, ask Infinite Intelligence to use you as a perfect channel to express from the God Self allowing for the highest good of all. That then reaches out and touches everyone involved to reach a place of peace rather than contributing to the chaos. When you send light and love from the God Self, it corrects the cause and gives you direction on what to do and insight about the lessons you can learn.

I’ll give you a recent example from my own life. I went to a convention in May and flew Southwest airlines. On the trip home, an older couple boarded late and was not able to find seats next to each other since Southwest does not assign seats and the flight was completely full. For those who have flown Southwest, you know that means only the dreaded middle seats were left. One empty seat was in the front, and other one was in the exit row over the wings.

The husband became irate and demanded to be seated next to his wife in a voice loud enough for everyone on the plane to hear. The flight attendant’s ego met the husband’s ego using the same animated tone explaining how the seating works on Southwest. The husband then became more abrasive. Another attendant asked a young man and woman sitting on either side of the wife seated up front if they would be willing to give up their seats and move to the back for two drink coupons. They both declined. The husband was told again he would not be able to sit next to his wife. The husband demanded to see a supervisor in an even louder voice. Things were really starting to escalate.

I went within and asked, “What is mine to do regarding this situation?” Because of the location of my seat, I knew giving it up to the husband would not get him closer to his wife. Instead, I started sending light and love to all the people involved in the situation, and asked Infinite Intelligence to come up with the highest and best resolution for all concerned.

A supervisor came on board and was greeted with the same abrasiveness by the husband. The supervisor then said he would not tolerate that kind of behavior and called for security on his walkie talkie. I continued to focus on light and love and calling upon Infinite Intelligence for the highest and best resolution for all concerned. One of the flight attendants was clearly upset when she came up front to announce that the husband could not sit on the exit row because he could not read and understand the emergency instructions in English. The flight attendant asked if anyone was willing to exchange seats with the husband.

Then, the young man sitting next to the wife of the irate husband said he would move. The husband walked up front and stood next to the seat. When the young man rose to relinquish his seat, many of the people on the plane clapped. Ironically, the husband turned around and bowed saying “thank you” thinking the clapping was for him for standing his ground and demanding to sit by his wife. The young man and the husband took their new seats and we were then able to take off. The rest of the flight was uneventful for which I was very grateful.

Recently, the news has been full of stories about the Ph.D. graduate dubbed the “Red Devil” in Aurora, Colorado who opened fire on patrons in a movie theater. Some people interviewed about the incident said they were now afraid to go to the movies. Some judged the man as evil, and expressed other opinions of fear and judgment.

Because of the Nature’s Laws, I know that if I focus on fear, that my fears will come upon me – as they did for Job. What is mine to do? If I focus on judging this situation or the shooter as being evil, wrong, or a tragedy, I contribute to the negative thought patterns being generated by this incident. What happens if I send light, love, peace, hope and harmony to the situation and the families affected instead? My peace and happiness remains intact. Thoughts of harmony create more harmony for those involved in the situation. If I am unable to do this on my own because I cannot help but see the “wrongness” of the situation, I can ask my God Self to love and create harmony through me for me. Then, I am contributing to the common good of all.

I know I contribute to the joy, happiness, harmony and peace of others when it is the focus of my life. I know this is mine to do. What is yours to do?


* Both books are available through the NSAC at Bookstore at NSAC.Org or phone 716-595-2000.