The Seventh Principle

by Rosalee Jackson

I want to talk about the Seventh Principle in the Spiritualist Declaration of Principles and how it relates to our everyday lives. The Seventh Principle states, that “We affirm the moral responsibilities of the individual, and that we make our on happiness or unhappiness as obey nature’s physical and spiritual laws.” We are aware of both physical and spiritual laws, but are we aware enough to follow thru in our thinking and be aware enough to understand when we are disobeying nature’s physical laws?

We go to work, and work and work. We come home and keep going just like that little energizer bunny in the television commercial. We do not allow our bodies to rest. We do not allow our mind or spirit to rest. We are aware enough to know that we should be silent; to be still some of the time, but we don’t do that either. Then we eat too much and sometimes all of the wrong things. This is disobeying nature’s physical laws.

Did I mention complaining? I think complaining falls into both categories, physical and spiritual. When we complain it keeps us in a lower vibration. We may complain to ourselves or we may feel that we must complain openly to everyone who will listen. This keeps our energy low and keeps our spirit in a low vibration. We should be careful what we say and think. Someone said that your body believes everything you tell it. We should be aware of our thoughts. Think joyous, loving thoughts; even if we have to stop and rethink.

Make every attempt to avoid negative thoughts, people, and situations. Some of us fear living our lives more fully because of ancient religious beliefs we learned in childhood. We were told that it was sinful to be joyous, happy and to have fun, to laugh and dance, to love and look up at the stars. As a result, we have stymied our happiness by not thinking for ourselves. When we discovered that this was not true, we were too traumatized to break out of that mold so we felt guilty.

GUILT! Another way we disobey nature’s physical and spiritual laws. True spirituality encourages us to treat everyone as we wish to be treated; with respect, kindness and consideration. We must also treat ourselves with respect, kindness, compassion and consideration. One big problem most of us have is saying NO! Learn to say no. If guilty feelings come up when we say no say “Let me think about it” or “I’ll get back to you.” Being kind and considerate does not mean doing something that is not right for you. Saying no may be just the thing you should do.

There are emotions that we hold on to that keep us in a low vibration and make us ill. We disobey nature’s spiritual laws when we hold on to anger, resentment, hatred and un-forgiveness. Anger is a powerful emotion. You may get angry with someone and stay angry for a long time. There is constant chatter in your head about the incident. You can’t let it go. Then one day you wake up and think “It was all my fault.” Then you turn all that anger inward on yourself. You can’t let it go. You pull in some guilt with it too. You beat yourself up every chance you get. Its all right to be angry with someone or even with yourself, but do not hold onto it. Let it go. Discuss it with the person that made you angry if that is possible. Talk with a friend about it or just have a long talk with yourself and get over it.

These things that I’ve spoken of are simple things to do. We can remember to take care of ourselves first if we take the time to be still; to be still and listen. Listen to what Spirit is trying to tell you. Ask for help in eliminating negative emotions and negative thinking. Listen for the answer. Someone wrote; that your eyes believe what they see; your ears believe what they hear; your heart neither sees nor hears … listen to your heart.

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