We Are All Healers

by Rosalee Jackson

One of the phases of Spiritualism is healing. We are all healers and every day we go through some process of self-healing. You may not be aware of it as healing, but it is healing all the same.

Have you ever hit or cut your finger and immediately stuck it in your mouth? You are healing your finger. Other times, you may think of something that you should have done earlier and put your hand up to your head as you say “Oh I forgot”, to do this or that—you are healing your thought processes.

Spiritual healing is not new. According to Rev. Rita Faubel in her book Psychic and Spiritual Awareness, spiritual healing had been a lost art for many years. In early civilization there was no conflict or antagonism between medicine and religion. They were considered related, and basically the same. After the death of Christ, spiritual healing was performed by his followers for about 300 hundred years. This, according to Rev. Faubel, declined when the church became prosperous and worldly. At that time, it was a sign of spiritual power to be able to heal. Some people not high in the church hierarchy could heal better than those who were high. This caused jealousy, so healing was forbidden. People felt that they had to turn to something, so spiritual healing died out and medical healing became popular.

Then the church disapproved of the medical profession. In the 6th century, the Emperor Justinian closed medical schools in Athens and Alexandria. In the 13th century, the Pope condemned surgery. In the 15th century, dissection and the study of anatomy was condemned and pronounced sacrilegious. After that time, we heard no more of organized spiritual healing until Dr. Phineas Quiniby rediscovered it and gave it to humankind as a science. Since that time, we have had several methods of spiritual healing—Unity, Science of Mind, Christian Science and the spiritual healing of Spiritualism. Each has its own method of treatment. All have attained a degree of success, because these different methods call upon the same law. Spiritualism recognizes that there are times when medicine and surgery are necessary to restore harmony in the body. Spiritualists also have found that healing vibrations are very effective in speeding up the healing process following surgery.

Andrew Jackson Davis, who is the “Father of Spiritualist Philosophy,” says that good health is the normal condition of all living things. Health is happiness of the body and mind. He states that the laws of nature work to one end only, and that is perfect harmony. He declared that disease is discord and evidence that the spiritual balance in body and mind has been disturbed.

In her book, Heal Your Body, Louise Hay writes of a similar philosophy to Andrew Jackson Davis. She gives the emotional cause for disease and then gives affirmations to help you rid yourself of the emotional block. She asks that you say the affirmation as often as you can to remove the block from your subconscious mind that is causing the disease. So again, we are all healers to some degree.

A successful healer must have:

  1. A suitable chemical constitution of spirit and physical bodies.
  2. Humility
  3. Love of Humankind
  4. A desire to heal and help others.

Most methods of healing are guided by spiritual forces, and we as Spiritualist are conscious of this guidance. It is through this help and guidance from the spirit realm that we are able to heal. It occurs when the spirit sends healing powers, which rides along the healer’s magnetic force. This positive energy affects your spiritual body which affects and changes the consciousness and chemistry of your physical body.

We are all guilty of emotions that cause disease, headaches or fatigue. In order to stay healthy, we need to begin to release old ways of thinking. We must be willing to do what we can to improve our mental and physical health. We should give up resentment, self-pity, hate, unforgiveness, guilt, anger and criticism, to name a few.

Let go of things that have held you back in the past, be it physical or emotional. Begin a process of forgiveness. When you sit in meditation, go back in your mind and forgive everyone in your life that needs forgiving. If you do not meditate, do this before you go to sleep each night. This should be an on-going process, because every day something is going to come up that you’ll need to forgive and let go.

See yourself as being emotionally and physically free. It’s easy to be free physically. Visualize yourself as being free of pain, doubt, envy and fear, and learn to relax. When you go for a healing be open and receptive to the healing vibrations around you. This will help tremendously, and remember to breathe and relax.

As you go through life remember that you must take responsibility for your own health. If you are told by your doctor that you are seriously ill don’t wallow in self-pity. If you must, do it for thirty minutes and then change your perception. Fill that self-pity space with love and light, and bless your body and mind and all of your organs, then take charge. Everything responds to this appreciation. Tell yourself often that, “I am whole and strong and free, just as God created me to be.” Do this daily and you’ll get results.

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